The Graduate Center (GC) Budget Office oversees an annual tax-levy operating budget in excess of $115 million. It strives to plan and facilitate all its activities to fully achieve the goals and objectives as outlined by GC senior management. The Budget Office meets with senior management and Directors to develop the annual GC budget request. Upon receiving the initial budget allocation, the GC Budget Office distributes the budget to the departments and then monitors the additional allocations received periodically via Budget Certificates (an allocation of approval of appropriated funds provided from New York State) by the University Budget Office. The departments that receive OTPS allocation (all allocations of funds that are unrelated to payroll such as purchases for supplies, equipment, travel, contractual obligation etc) are notified. The allocations are then loaded into CUNYFirst to process OTPS expenditures. The Graduate Center Budget Office tracks all allocations as well as monitors the overall expenditures of the College to provide timely financial information.
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Finney Joshua

Director of Budget
Graduate Center

Phone: 212-817-7661