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GC Website Redesign Project

The Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY) is working to modernize and optimize its website to further the strategic goals of the institution as detailed in Building for the Future: The Graduate Center Strategic Plan 2017-2022.

The project is being led by the Office of Communications and Marketing, and will be conducted in partnership with a web design/development firm with expertise in higher education.

Key objectives:

  • to enhance The Graduate Center’s reputation through a sophisticated, visually-engaging website that showcases our serious academic programs and pioneering research, is accessible to all (mobile-responsive and ADA-compliant) and supports the goals of The Graduate Center strategic plan.
  • to provide functionality and transparency for internal processes and operations for the GC community, including current existing website functionality and desired functionality. 

Key project updates:

  • The site will utilize Drupal, which is a popular open-source content management system used by many companies, including education institutions. 
  • Visually, the site will focus on a macro theme, bringing visitors into the experience of being a part of The Graduate Center. And a visual design system has been established. Sample HTML flats of the homepage and program landing page are available. (Note that these are image files that are most easily viewed by saving the files and viewing in your computer's photo viewer.) 
  • Website governance has been finalized. 


Current Initiatives

Migration Period

Migration work is in progress. The migration team is working through content in batches -- centers and initiatives (complete); administrative offices and student services (in progress); and academic programs (upcoming).

IT will be assisting with the migration of structured content, such as news and events. 

Programs and offices will be asked to review the content on the new site in the fall before launch. 

Academic Programs - Content Development

The Core Team has worked with academic programs to prepare for the migration period to the new site but still has more academic programs to complete. This work included reviewing current content, re-organizing to fit a more consistent page structure, and other updates to improve the user experience.

Academic programs that we have not yet worked with should complete the program questionnaire (available by request) and submit to by July 30. The web team will review the questionnaire feedback in order to migrate the remaining programs to Drupal, utilizing the consistent page structure and integrating additional updates to improve the user experience. Programs will review their Drupal pages in fall before launch.

Faculty Profile Updates​

Faculty should review their current Graduate Center profiles and submit any updates needed. The web team will then make requested changes to their current Kentico profiles in preparation for the migration.

Note that in the new Drupal website, each faculty will have one profile (instead of the current Kentico setup of one profile per program). Any submitted updates will be made in Kentico to the faculty’s primary program profile and any other profiles will be redirected to that primary profile so that the faculty member’s profile is in order for the migration to the new site.

Requests for updates can be made via the Faculty Profile Update Form, which is being distributed by program. If faculty members would like to request the form earlier, please email us at