Project History

September 2021

Additional technical development underway by the Communications and Marketing team.

Migration in progress: 

  • Centers and Institutes complete
  • Initiatives and Committees complete
  • Administrative Offices and Student Services complete
  • Structured Content migration testing in progress
  • Academic Programs in progress
  • Standalone Pages in progress

June 2021

Site handed off from OHO to the GC 

Additional technical development to be done in-house

Migration in progress: 

  • Centers and Institutes complete
  • Initiatives and Committees complete
  • Administrative Offices and Student Services in progress
  • Structured Content migration discovery in progress
  • Academic Programs upcoming

April 2021

Deliverables completed:

  • Basic Content Entry Training Guide

Technical development near complete:

  • Development site reviewed and tested
  • Enhancements implemented
  • Roles and permissions refined

Content development continues

Migration period begins

December 2020

Deliverables completed:

Technical development continues

Content development continues

July 2020

Deliverables completed:

  • Design Concepts (final direction selected and finalized)
  • Design Application (first and second phases)
  • Content Templates (approved July 21, 2020)

Content Writing to be done by OHO (15 top level pages) begun

Technical Development continues

Second half of project plan (site handoff, testing, content migration and launch) created and approved

June 2020

Deliverables completed:

  • Annotations (approved June 3, 2020)
  • Design Concepts (second and third revisions)
  • Content Templates (first draft and second revision)

Technical Development begun

May 2020

Deliverables completed:

  • Wireframes (approved May 4, 2020)
  • Design Concepts (first draft)
  • Annotations (second and third revisions)

Content Templates in development

April 2020

Deliverables completed:

  • Wireframes (second & third revisions)
  • Governance plan (second revision)
  • Annotations (first draft)

March 2020

Deliverables completed:

  • Wireframes (first draft)
  • Governance plan (first draft)

February 2020

Deliverables completed:

  • CMS selection (Drupal approved February 13)
  • Messaging Architecture (approved February 14)
  • Sitemap (approved February 18)

Creative/Design discovery process begun

Evaluation of hosting options continues

Messaging Architecture

January 2020

Deliverables completed:

  • Strategy Roadmap (approved January 17)
  • CMS & hosting recommendations
  • Sitemap (first draft)

Advisory Council membership finalized and first meeting held January 29

Evaluation/testing of Drupal & various hosting options conducted

Strategy Roadmap

December 2019

Deliverables completed:

  • summary of findings from stakeholder interviews
  • content audit
  • analytics audit

Technical discovery begun and completed
Governance discovery process begun

November 2019

The project team from OHO conducted on-site stakeholder interviews with student, staff and faculty representatives from across the GC.

October 2019

OHO Interactive officially approved as the vendor partner for this project.

September 2019

A finalist has been recommended by the Vendor Selection Team and approved by GC leadership. The vendor is in final contact negotiation and review with the CUNY Central Office.

April 2019

Vendor pitch meetings concluded; the Vendor Selection Team are performing the final evaluation of the selected semi-finalists and will make their recommendation to GC leadership.

March 2019

Vendor Selection Team has chosen 4 semi-finalists and invited them to present their pitches to the team in person.

February 2019

Proposals received and provided to GC Vendor Selection Team for review.

December 18, 2018

Request for Proposals posted to the NYC public contract portal and distributed to short-list of selected vendors.