Photo Requests

  • The GC does not have a staff photographer, but C&M can provide a high-quality automatic camera for use by programs/offices pending approval of a camera request.
    • Upon approval, the camera must be picked up and returned at the C&M offices in Room 8302. A sign out form must be completed at the C&M office as well. 
    • A camera bag with the camera, lens, extra battery, memory card, and SD reader will be provided. Programs/offices are responsible for all the equipment.
    • The camera must stay within The Graduate Center building and be returned the following business day.
    • Programs/offices are responsible for copying photos to their own computers before returning the camera.
  • An Authorization and Release form must be completed if programs/offices plan to use a person's image in promotional or educational materials, including posting to a website. A digital version of the signed Authorization and Release form can be submitted to C&M through the Photo Release Submission. C&M will retain a digital copy of the signed release.
  • If an event is photographed or filmed, post several of the Notice of Filming and Photography Consent and Release signs at the entrance and other visible areas.   
  • If programs/offices would like to hire a photographer, C&M can provide a list of recommended photographers. Please email to request the list.