C&M has the following resources available to help support your program/office's photography needs. 

If you have any questions, please contact

Photo Release Form


Available Graduate Center Photographs


C&M has compiled photographs in an Image Gallery, which are available to be used by The Graduate Center community for official Graduate Center work. When using the photographs, please review the photo details and include any applicable copyright and credit details. 


Tips for Photographing Yourself With a Smartphone

Our community often needs to take their own photo with a smartphone for various purposes:

  • For professional use when submitting your photo for media, conferences, events, and other
  • If The Graduate Center is featuring a news story about you on the website and its social media platforms
  • For your profile on The Graduate Center’s website, or your personal research website
  • For your LinkedIn bio

The following tips will provide help in getting the best shot possible: 

Framing the Shot
Keep It Neutral If You Can
Lighting Sets the Tone


Camera Request

The GC does not have a staff photographer, but C&M can provide a high-quality automatic camera for use by programs/offices pending approval of a camera request.

  • Upon approval, the camera must be picked up and returned at the C&M offices in Room 8302. A sign out form must be completed at the C&M office as well. 
  • A camera bag with the camera, lens, extra battery, memory card, and SD reader will be provided. Programs/offices are responsible for all the equipment.
  • The camera must stay within The Graduate Center building and be returned the following business day.
  • Programs/offices are responsible for copying photos to their own computers before returning the camera.

Hiring a Photographer

If programs/offices would like to hire a photographer, C&M can provide a list of recommended photographers. Please email to request the list.