• All videos produced under the auspices of C&M will adhere to official editorial standards. We encourage other organizational units to do the same and to use the GC open and close slate; updated guidelines will be available soon. 

  • Migrating Videos from LifeSize to YouTube: Programs, centers, and institutes are responsible for retrieving digital copies, in MP4. format, and supplying not only the video but a title and short description of the video’s content to C&M, as well as the captioning file if it's available. Videos will not be accepted if titles and short descriptions are omitted. Content for The Graduate Center’s YouTube account will be considered by C&M. 

  • An Authorization and Release form must be completed if programs/offices plan to use a person's image in promotional or educational materials, including posting to a website. A digital version of the signed Authorization and Release form can be submitted to C&M through the Photo Release Submission. C&M will retain a digital copy of the signed release.

  • All videos must be captioned. Videos of 15 minutes or less will be captioned by C&M. 

    For longer videos, you can choose to edit the transcript yourself. An automated caption file will be emailed to you to edit. Captioning must be 99% accurate per compliance requirements. Or, you can choose to pay for a transcription service such as (cost is $1.25/minute and output file must be SRT for YouTube). If you plan to create many long videos, please contact the C&M ( so we can work out a plan to be both efficient and ADA compliant.

  • Posting to The Graduate Center's YouTube account:

    For consideration, please submit via the online form.

    C&M will use its discretion when uploading videos to The Graduate Center's official YouTube account, based on the video's quality and audience.