• All videos produced under the auspices of C&M will adhere to official editorial standards. We encourage other organizational units to do the same; updated guidelines will be available soon. 

  • Migrating Videos from LifeSize to YouTube: Programs, centers, and institutes are responsible for retrieving digital copies, in MP4. format, and supplying not only the video but a title and short description of the video’s content to C&M, as well as the captioning file. Videos will not be accepted if titles, short descriptions, and captioning files are omitted. Content for the Graduate Center’s YouTube account will be considered by C&M. 

  • All videos must be captioned. Captioning can be done via community captions on YouTube (typing as you listen to the video) or by an outside company, like (cost is $1.25/minute and output file must be SRT for YouTube).

  • For consideration, please submit via the online form or email to

        Subject line: “Video Proposal: [PROGRAM NAME]”
        Brief summary of topic/individuals