Process and Procedures

  • Once a vacancy (replacement or new position) becomes available in your department, please email your request to the Recruitment Coordinator and Executive Director of Human Resources in the Office of Human Resources (OHR) for:
  • A CUNYfirst job/title template description (Please include in the subject line of your email a proposed title and indicate whether or not this is a new or existing vacancy).
  • Upon receipt of your e-mail, the OHR will e-mail the generic job template description.
Please follow the instructions below for completing the “Recruitment Request” form.
In order to complete the “Recruitment Request” form, go to the HR and/or Compliance and Diversity websites and download the form from or
  • Complete Section “A” of the form – ensure all fields are completed in order for the recruitment process to be properly captured into the CUNYfirst system. Make sure to also attach all documents listed in Section “A” to your form, including the Pre-Screening questions you have selected for the recruitment.
  • Once completed, please forward the package to the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO), for review and approval at or 212-817-7410.
  • Section “B” will be completed by the CDO and then forwarded (with all attachments) to the OHR.
  • Section “C & D” will be completed by OHR. The Office of Human Resources will contact you if there are questions, and/or when this search has been opened.* For questions, please contact the Executive Director of Human Resources at 212-817-7700.
  • The OHR will circulate the package for approvals and authorizations:
    • Executive Director of Human Resources
    • Authorized Budget/Finance Officer
  • Once all approvals and authorizations are obtained, the posting is submitted by HR through the CUNYfirst/TAM system for Central Office’s review and approval.
    • If Central Office has any questions, concerns or revisions, OHR will contact the department and work together to get the positions approved
  • After the position is approved, it is posted on the Graduate Center and CUNYfirst/TAM websites.
*After the position is posted, if you wish to extend the deadline for application or revise the posting, please inform the Office of Human Resources.
­Once position is posted on the Graduate Center and CUNY (TAM) websites
  • Advertising text will be sent to Miller Advertising Agency (Advertising Agency). When a quote is received by OHR, it will be sent to the department for review and approval and placed on the external website and/or print ads requested in “Section A” of the Interim “Recruitment Request Form”.
  • Applicants are directed through the CUNY website and GC website to apply for positions through the CUNYFirst/TAM system, with the exception of Faculty searches, which will be accepting applications through the mail or TAM, depending on what the department prefers.
**Please note, should applicants have any questions or difficulties applying through the online system, they have been directed to contact OHR via e-mail ( **
  • Search Committee will be charged and trained by the Compliance and Diversity and Human Resources Offices on how to proceed with reviewing applications, acknowledging applicants, completing the applicant evaluation rubric, scheduling and conducting interviews as well as completing the search process.
  • Should departments have questions regarding acknowledgment letters, applicant evaluation rubric, interviews or Affirmative Action Certifications, please contact the Compliance and Diversity Office at 212-817-7410.
  • Prior to the interview stage, approval must be obtained from the Chief Diversity Officer. Submission of the Affirmative Action Certification, evaluation rubric, interview questions and resumes of finalists can be sent to for review and approval.
  • After the final candidate has been selected the Affirmative Action Certification must be sent to the CDO for final approval.
  • Once the CDO’s final approval is received, a request to hire package (memo requesting to offer the final candidate the position including proposed salary, start date and contact information, signed Affirmative Action Certification form, and finalist resumes) is submitted to the Office of Human Resources.
  • The Executive Director of Human Resources is responsible for making all offers to finalists upon receipt of the request to hire packet, and will relay decisions back to the department.  Please note that for faculty searches, offers are made by the Office of the Provost/Deans of Professional Schools.
  • Upon completion of the search, all related documentation must be sent to the Compliance and Diversity Office for a 3 year retention period in accordance with University Documentation Retention Guidelines.

Contact information:

Office of Human Resources
365 Fifth Avenue, Room 8403                  
New York, NY 10016                                

Compliance and Diversity Office
365 Fifth Avenue, Room 7301
New York, NY 10016


Recruitment Forms and Correspondence

CUNY Search Committee Guide [PDF]
Recruitment Request Form [PDF]
Affirmative Action Certification Form (General) [PDF]
Interview Evaluation Form [PDF]
Search File Checklist [PDF]

Sample Organizational Charts:
Sample Current Organizational Chart [PDF]
Sample Proposed Organizational Chart [PDF]

Sample Evaluation Rubric:
Sample Administrative Prescreening Evaluation Rubric [PDF]
Sample Faculty Prescreening Evaluation Rubric [PDF]

These forms are also available in Excel format. Please contact the Compliance and Diversity Office at extension 7410 for more information. 

For Sample Search Correspondence, please contact the Chief Diversity Officer