Associate Dean – CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

  • Job Class: Executive
  • Job ID Number: 10789
  • Department: CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
  • Location: School Of Journalism
  • Closing Date: AUG 11, 2014


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Campus Specific Information
The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism seeks an Associate Dean to serve as its Chief Academic Officer. The Associate Dean will work closely with the Dean to ensure the success of the School. He/She will be the top-ranking member of the Dean's management team and should have a deep knowledge of the latest trends in journalism. The Journalism School is looking for candidates who demonstrate a passion for student success, a commitment to diversity, a collaborative work style, an appreciation for a startup culture, and a dynamic journalistic career.

The Associate Dean's responsibilities will include the following:
- Carries out the School's mission and priorities set by the Dean and the faculty.
- Develops policies and provides counsel, in collaboration with the Dean and her senior management team, affecting faculty, staff and students.
- Oversees ongoing curricular enhancements.
- Ensures the quality and professional relevance of the academic program.
- Interacts with professionals in the journalism community to engage them as adjuncts, mentors, supporters and employers.
- Hires faculty and evaluates their performance, including encouraging their scholarship and professional development.
- Secures full faculty participation in key academic decisions involving the School.
- Manages faculty and staff development needed to carry out the School's mission.
- Manages the Student Affairs, Career Services, and Alumni offices to ensure student success in the program.
- Participates in the School's strategic planning process and develops new academic offerings, including certificates and online curricula.
- Represents the School with other CUNY colleges and central office.
- Represents the School at external events, including conferences, recruitment activities, awards ceremonies, speaking engagements and as a stand-in for the Dean.
- Maintains a harmonious tenor at the School among faculty, students and staff.
General Duties
This position performs high-level executive academic functions.


Minimum Qualifications
This position is in CUNY's Executive Compensation Plan.  All executive positions require a minimum of a Bachelor's degree and eight years' related experience.  Additional qualifications are defined below.
Other Qualifications
Preferred Qualifications:
- Six years of experience as a working journalist
- An in-depth understanding of current trends in the journalism profession
- A track record of overseeing day-to-day operations of a sizable enterprise
- Ability to juggle multiple tasks and priorities
- Excellent written and oral communication skills
- At least three years of teaching experience at the graduate level
- Active presence on digital media and social media platforms

FLSA Status


Salary Range

Commensurate with qualifications and experience.

How To Apply

Please apply using the link below:

Visit, access the employment page, log in or create a new user account, and search for this vacancy using Job ID 10789 or the title, Associate Dean -- CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.  Select "Apply Now" and provide the requested information. Please provide a letter of interest, a C.V., and three letters of recommendation. In addition to applying online, please submit either an email or a hard copy application that contains the previously listed documents. You can email the application to

Or, you can send a hard copy to:
Amy Dunkin
Director of Academic Operations
CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
219 W. 40th Street
New York, NY 10018


An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/IRCA/Americans with Disabilities Act Employer.

The Graduate Center complies with the Clery Act and copies of its annual report on security policies and statistics are available in its Security Office.