Mail Message Services Worker, Level 2 (Provisional)

  • Job Class: Support Staff
  • Job ID Number: 10745
  • Department: School of Professional Studies
  • Location: SPS: School of Professional Studies
  • Closing Date: JUL 13, 2014


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Campus Specific Information:
Since its inception in 2003, the School of Professional Studies of the City University of New York (CUNY SPS) has launched fourteen degrees - eight bachelor's degrees open to students with 24 or more college credits who wish to complete their undergraduate studies, and six master's degrees, and more programs are currently in development. CUNY SPS leads the University in developing and operating online degree programs, and trains faculty throughout CUNY in online instruction. CUNY SPS is also the home of the Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies, which offers higher education programs for working adults and union members, and serves as a nationally-recognized center for scholarship and resources for labor, academic, and community leaders seeking a deeper understanding of labor and urban issues.

The Mail Message Services Worker will report to the Director of Campus Operations.  The CUNY School of Professional Studies now occupies its own building, and is seeking a motivated and customer-service oriented individual to fill the position of Mail Message Services Worker.
General Duties:
Provides and supervise mail and related services at a CUNY location.  There are two Assignment Levels for this position and all personnel perform related work. This specification describes typical assignments in this position; related duties may be assigned as needed.


- Under supervision, with latitude for independent initiative and judgment, utilizing manual and/or electronic postal equipment and procedures:

- Receives sorts and distributes mail or other packages, signs package receipts.

- Loads, unloads, lifts and moves mail and packages.

- Prepares sorts and labels outgoing mail.

- Assists in packing and unpacking of all kinds of packages that can be processes through the US Postal Service and other delivery services.

- Picks up and delivers interoffice or intra-office mail/parcels.

- Inserts letters or other material into envelopes manually or using automated equipment.

- Computes required postage, and stamps outgoing mail and/or operates office machines to process mail.

- Acts as a messenger, both on and off location.

- May visit Post Office to conduct business related to mail delivery and postage.

- Delivers meters to Post Office for resetting.

- Answers routine queries from users of mail services.

- Gets mail and/or packages registered and/or insured.

- Operates office machines such as copiers and postage meters.

- Makes scheduled trips for deliveries or collections; if necessary, operates various kinds of motor vehicles to carry mail or parcels.

- Reports any noticeable mechanical defects in motor vehicle and/or in office equipment they utilize.

- Operates telephone equipment, including automated directories and telephone features.

- Maintains mail directories of all employees at the Campus.

- Keeps other required records.

- Uses computer, if necessary, to perform routine tasks e.g., reports, expenses, and postage.

- Depending on office policy may utilize electronic mail to communicate with campus personnel regarding the status of mail deliveries.

- May function as a lead worker.

- Supervise mail service activities, or supervise part time and/or student employees working in service area.


- Under direction, with considerable independent initiative and judgment, supervises employees utilizing manual and/or electronic procedures in performing mail and messenger service functions and performs the following more complex activities:

- Supervise and trains staff in all phases of mail/messenger service operations.

- Insures that selection among mail service and postage choices is made in most cost effective manner.

- Assign job duties to subordinates, and maintains records of their schedules.

- Makes sure that all deadlines are met and deliveries are made promptly.

- Determines route schedules for pickups and deliveries.

- Keeps logs of all postage material.

- Prepares monthly invoices or internal billing records for postage used by College departments.

- Prepares requisitions for supplies, funding of postal accounts and contracts for servicing equipment.

- Insures that mail office equipment is properly maintained and serviced.

- Maintains the security of all postage material and equipment.

- Explains procedural changes and provides subordinates with necessary resources and supplementary interpretations to implement these changes.

- Develops, maintains, and revises (if needed) procedures to insure efficiency and effectiveness.

- Corresponds and confers with local postal authorities to resolve postal/electronic media/messenger issues.

- Coordinates services and obtains interpretations of new or revised postal regulations.

- Schedules internal and external training sessions for staff, such as seminars provided by the Post Office.

- Uses computer if necessary, to perform routine tasks e.g. reports, expenses and postage. Depending on office policy may utilize electronic mail to communicate with campus personnel regarding the unit's activities.

- Investigates complaints of poor service and takes appropriate action.

- Prepares annual and supplemental budgets for the mail service functions.

- May perform the duties of Assignment Level 1.


Minimum Qualifications:
- A four-year high school diploma or its equivalent, plus six months of full time office experience in mail services area. The person must be able to communicate in English.

- A Motor Vehicle Driver's License, valid in the State of New York, may be required for some, but not all positions.
Other Qualifications:
Preferred Qualifications:
- Experience tracking/entering data in database system
- Understanding and experience with Excel and Microsoft Office
- Customer service oriented

FLSA Status

Non Exempt

Salary Range

New Hire: $32,486* / Incumbent: $36,712

How To Apply

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Candidates must attach a resume, cover letter, and three professional references (name, title, organization, and contact information).


An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/IRCA/Americans with Disabilities Act Employer.

The Graduate Center complies with the Clery Act and copies of its annual report on security policies and statistics are available in its Security Office.