CUNY Policy on Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Against Sexual Harassment

February 7, 2013


To: GC Community 

From: President William P. Kelly

Subject: CUNY Policies and Procedures on Equal Opportunity,
Non-Discrimination, and Sexual Harassment

On November 26, 2012, the University’s Board of Trustees adopted revised Policies on Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Sexual Harassment.  The revised policies combine CUNY’s prior Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment policies into a single, more concise document.

Please note that a significant policy change has occurred with regard to consensual, intimate relationships: CUNY’s prior policy against sexual harassment discouraged, but did not prohibit,  such relationships between members of the CUNY community and those for whom they had a professional responsibility (“professional responsibility” is defined in the policy). The new policy prohibits intimate relationships between a faculty member or other employee and a student for whom he or she has a professional responsibility. Consensual relationships between supervisors and (non-student) employees whom they supervise still are strongly discouraged, and the new policy adds a requirement that the supervising employee must disclose such a relationship to his or her superior in order to avoid or mitigate any possible conflict of interest. 

I ask you to please fulfill your responsibility to become familiar with  the provisions of the newly issued policies and your obligation to comply with them by reviewing the revised policies and the accompanying procedures (including Charge of Discrimination form)  at the following link: 

At the Graduate Center, complaints of discrimination should be brought to the Graduate Center’s Chief Diversity Officer: Ms. Edith Rivera, Room 7301; 1-212- 817-7410.

The following Graduate Center staff members are also available to answer questions and address concerns:

504/ADA and Title IX Coordinator: Vice President for Student Affairs; Matthew Schoengood, Room 7301; 1-212-817-7400

Sexual Harassment Coordinator: Distinguished Professor Michelle Fine, Room 6304.09; 1-212-817-8710

Ombuds Officer: Professor Martin R. Gitterman, Room 7313; call for appointments at 1-212-817-7191. The Ombuds Officer offers complete confidentiality to all students, staff, and faculty.

Assistant Vice President for Faculty and Staff Relations: Yosette Jones-Johnson, Room 8403; 1-212-817-7700.

CUNY Policy on Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Against Sexual Harassment