CITI Training

CUNY subscribes to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative’s (CITI) research compliance courses to fulfill CUNY’s educational requirements.

All CUNY faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, graduate and undergraduate students involved in human subjects research as key personnel must complete the applicable Basic Course (e.g. HSR for Social & Behavioral Faculty, Graduate Students, & Postdoctoral Fellows) in the protection of human subjects prior to Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval of their protocol.

Basic course: All key personnel involved in human subjects research must complete the CUNY required modules of the CITI online training in the protection of human subjects (basic course) prior to IRB approval of a new or continuing review application, or an amendment application that requests addition of key personnel.

Refresher Course: On-­‐line training certificates will be valid for three years. Key personnel are required to take the CITI training in the protection of human subjects (refresher course) every 3 years following completion of the basic course.

Key personnel are defined as the Principal Investigator, co-­‐investigators and research personnel who interact directly with human subjects or who have access to private information related to human subjects during the course of a research project. Key personnel also include faculty sponsors /advisors who provide direct oversight of research with human subjects or research using private information about human subjects.

Please be advised that documentation of completed CITI training must be attached in the Attachments page of the IDEATE protocol submmission for all study team members, including the faculty advisor.

For further information, please refer to the CUNY HRPP CITI Training in the Protection of Human Subjects policy on the Education and Training section of the Central CUNY HRPP website, here.


If you have completed CITI training as a CUNY researcher, information related to your CITI training will be linked automatically to your IRB Manager profile, and will be available to HRPP and IRB reviewers; however, you MUST log into CITI (link provided below) and confirm that your preferred email address in CITI is your CUNY email address.

Your secondary email address should be a personal email address. Your preferred email address is to ensure your CITI Certification is linked to your profile in IRB Manager.

The process for confirming and/or changing your preferred email address in CITI is as follows (this process applies to ALL research personnel on a protocol (if applicable):

1.Log in to CITI at
2. In the upper right corner under your name and ID, click the down arrow.
3. Select “Profiles”.
4. Under “Member Profiles”, click “Edit Profile”.
5. Scroll down to Your preferred email address.
6. Confirm that this is your current CUNY email address, or revise if needed.

*If you have not completed this process above then you MUST upload our current CITI Certification to your profile in IRB Manager. As a reminder, your CITI Certification is required for HRPP/IRB review of your IRB application.