Electronic Submission System



Updated: September 7, 2021

If you conduct research with human subjects, please be aware that CUNY is moving from IDEATE to IRB Manager as the platform for submissions to the CUNY IRB and HRPP.  CUNY has provided the following details; more information will be provided as we help navigate this transition.  Visit the CUNY HRPP website and get in touch with Rebecca Banchik, HRPP Director at The GC with any questions.
Q: When will IRB Manager will be live?
A: IRB Manager IS live as of September 7, 2021

Q: What is the link for IRB Manager?
A: https://cuny.my.irbmanager.com/

Q: What credentials will be used to access IRB Manager?
A: From the IRB Manager home page, select “To login using CUNY Login”. You will use your CUNYFirst credentials, where your username is entered as firstname.lastname##@login.cuny.edu followed by the password associated with that username.

If you are a CUNY researcher/research personnel who DOES NOT have CUNYFirst credentials, request an IRB Manager account by emailing (HRPP@cuny.edu) and include the following information in your email:
• First and Last Name
• DOB (Does not need to be your actual DOB)
• PIN (4 digits - you can make something up)
• CUNY email address

*You will be notified within 1-2 business days with your credentials to log into IRB Manager.
Q: Can I still use IDEATE?
A: IDEATE is currently available, but you should be aware of the following date (subject to change) and plan accordingly:

  • September 23, 2021 – All submissions (except convened review, allegations of non-compliance and Events & Notifications) in IDEATE must be approved by September 23rd.

Q: Will I have to upload my current CITI Certifications?
A. No. If you have completed CITI training as a CUNY researcher, information related to your CITI training will be linked automatically to your IRB Manager profile, and will be available to HRPP and IRB reviewers; however, you MUST log into CITI (link provided below) and confirm that your preferred email address in CITI is your CUNY email address. Your secondary email address should be a personal email address. Your preferred email address is to ensure your CITI Certification is linked to your profile in IRB Manager.

The process for confirming and/or changing your preferred email address in CITI is as follows (this process applies to ALL research personnel on a protocol (if applicable):
1.Log in to CITI at https://www.citiprogram.org
2. In the upper right corner under your name and ID, click the down arrow.
3. Select “Profiles”.
4. Under “Member Profiles”, click “Edit Profile”.
5. Scroll down to Your preferred email address.
6. Confirm that this is your current CUNY email address, or revise if needed.

*If you have not completed this process above then you MUST upload our current CITI Certification to your profile in IRB Manager. As a reminder, your CITI Certification is required for HRPP/IRB review of your IRB application.

Q: I was planning to submit a new IRB application.  Should I submit my application in IDEATE or wait to submit in IRB Manager?
A: All new applications must be submitted in IRB Manager now.
Q:  I need to submit an Amendment to my approved application; should I submit my Amendment in IDEATE or wait to submit in IRB Manager?
A: Submit all Amendments via IRB Manager.  (As a reminder, all changes to an existing application must be approved via an Amendment prior to implementation.)
Q:  My IRB approval is going to expire soon; should I submit my Continuing Review in IDEATE or wait to submit in IRB Manager:
A:  If your current IRB approval will expire in August or September, submit your Continuing Review in IDEATE as soon as possible and be prepared to respond to comments in a timely manner.  Only active protocols will be transitioned to IRB Manager.
Q:  I already submitted my application in IDEATE.  What does this mean for my pending IDEATE application?
A:  If you have submitted an application in IDEATE, the HRPP/IRB review process will be completed in IDEATE.  If your application is returned to you, you will need to respond to the comments and resubmit as soon as possible.  Once the review is completed, the application will be copied to IRB Manager as a “read only” file for subsequent use. 
Q: What will happen to my existing active protocol in IDEATE?
A: Active protocols in IDEATE will be accessible via IRB Manager as “read only” including attachments.  More details will be provided in the next few weeks.
Q: Will training be provided for IRB Manager?
A:  Videos are provided on the CUNY Central website now to assist with IRB Manager submissions.
Q.  What other action can I take to prepare?
A:  Researchers are advised to log in to IDEATE and:

  • Take care of pending To Do items.

  • Resubmit any returned submissions and fully address the comments.

  • Submit a Continuing Review if your current approval will expire in August or September.

  • Submit a Final Report if your prior approval expired and the research is complete.

  • Download your approved IDEATE application and attachments for your own record-keeping.

To download the most current version of your protocol: a) select the project from the LIVELIST; b) navigate to the last approved Amendment (or the Initial Review if no Amendments were ever submitted); c) click view in the Details column; d) click the print button in the right-hand corner to save as a PDF.

  • As a faculty advisor, work with student researchers to evaluate any action required for existing or pending applications.

  • Get in touch with questions about specific projects.