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  • IT Announcement: Konica Minolta Printer Replacement

    IT is working with Konica Minolta (KM) to bring improved printing services to The Graduate Center this summer. Your existing KM multi-function printer will be replaced with a newly updated printer. We are providing training on how to use the new printers even though the machines are similar to what you already have and use. In addition, we are anticipating that there will not be any disruption in service while this transition takes place; a lot of time and effort is being invested in making sure everything is tested prior to the actual deployment. Last, we are confident that this change will better accommodate your needs and we will provide more information as we get closer to deploying the printers.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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  • Blackboard Error When Submitting Assignments using Safari 11.1

    Issue Description: Assignment submissions that include a file upload fail on submit when attempted using the Safari web browser version 11.1.
    Date Published: April 12,2018
    Expected Behavior: The assignment can be submitted successfully with the file that was uploaded.
    Observed Behavior: The assignment fails to submit and the following error occurs:
    Failed to submit Assignment. Please try again.
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  • IT Announcement - U-drive decommission

    Note: If you are GC Staff, GC Faculty or Research Foundation funded Staff, this notice applies to you.
    Attention GC Faculty & Staff - please take note of this important announcement regarding your GC network file storage.

    As we have noted in our announcements, legacy IT file storage systems, which have become old, slow, insufficient and highly constrained must be decommissioned. The legacy provisioning of “mywork (U:\)” network storage is being retired July 1, in favor of our recent web-based storage implementation, the “GC Drive” resource (powered by OneDrive for Business).
    GC Drive” has the advantage of being web-based, allowing users to organize their files using metadata and folders; remotely access them from anywhere and at any time; and enable collaboration. 
    Before you start the migration:
    -Do some data cleanup and delete unwanted files
    -Ensure your filenames do not exceed 40 characters
    -Ensure your filenames do not contain special characters such as ‘#’ and ‘%’
    -Ensure that any U:\ drive files you wish to retain have been relocated to your GC Drive prior to June 30, 2018  

    Remember, effective July 1, 2018, your U:\ drive will no longer be accessible.
    We appreciate your cooperation as we migrate from outdated infrastructure to more modern technologies.
    For instructions on how to move your files to the GC Drive, please see the IT FAQ on U-drive to GC Drive migration that is now available. If you need assistance, please contact IT Services.
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  • New Employee Network Account Request Form

    Starting on Monday, March 19th, all users will be able to submit new account requests using our New Employee Network Account Request Form. The new form is now available on the IT Self-Service Resources page and will provide a greater level of accuracy, streamlining the process of who is authorized to make these types of security requests as part of the onboarding process. It will also ensure that only one source of personal information exists for any request for GC email and network IDs.

    This new form must be submitted by the employee’s supervisor or the administrator for the department. Please visit the IT Self-Service Resources site and login to access this new form.

    If you have questions, please contact IT Services for support.

    Information Technology

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  • IT Alert: Phishing campaign targets GC student email

    The Graduate center student email system [] is currently being targeted by a phishing campaign

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  • Student Web Printing

    We are pleased to announce that starting Thursday, August 24, 2017, all GC students will have access to web printing. Students can send from any device and location a document to be printed, and can then retrieve and print the document on-site from any of our print release stations located in the GC Library.

    In order to use web printing, students will need to execute a one-time registration using their Office 365 email accounts (i.e. at the following web link
    Web printing is available only for students and is supported by GC Student Technology Fee funds. For more details, please be sure to read carefully our posted Student Web Printing FAQs
    As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at
    Information Technology
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  • New CUNY Login: To Access Blackboard

    Please review the following announcement from the CUNY Central Office Blackboard administrator:

    We wrote to you at the beginning of the summer semester regarding the transitioning of Blackboard login credentials to the new CUNY Login credentials. You will access Blackboard from the same login points you currently use.

    If you have an Employee ID (EMPL ID) in CUNYfirst, the new credentials will be your CUNYfirst username followed by and your CUNYfirst password. For example, if you log into CUNYfirst as george.washington76, you will log into Blackboard as If you are not sure if you have an EMPL ID click here
    to register as a New User then log into Blackboard.

    If you do not have an EMPL ID, continue using your CUNY Portal credentials followed by and your CUNY Portal password. Avoid changing your password if necessary. The new password will not be affiliated with the account when trying to access Blackboard. If you are unable to access Blackboard, send an email to and provide your CUNY Portal username, Banner ID and a screen shot of the error message. A ticket will be open for a team member to assist you.
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  • Video Streaming Update

    Video Streaming will no longer function as an “archive” for videos, but rather as originally created – for live streaming. Read more