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The standard Zoom meeting is effective for hosting discussions among a relatively small number of users. However, some events require a controlled environment similar to a traditional lecture or presentation format.
Zoom Webinars, a Zoom Meetings add-on, provides event organizers with robust control over the attendee experience from registration to post-event follow-up. Zoom Webinars offers a wide variety of features to host successful online events. Unlike traditional online meetings, Zoom Webinars can give the hosts and presenters peace of mind by restricting the attendee interface. Attendees can only access modules a host authorizes and cannot enable disruptive features, such as their own microphone or camera, leaving the focus on the presenter. Departments can leverage registration workflows and post-event actions to better understand their attendees, how they learned about or accessed the webinar, and gather feedback about their experience.

Because Zoom Webinars is a component of Zoom, hosts can leverage features included with Zoom Meetings.

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