Student Technology Fee

The Student Technology Fee (STF) was created to augment technology resources available to students on all CUNY campuses. Fees collected from students are held in reserve to fund projects that have a "demonstrable affect" on the student body. Each campus has an advisory committee that consists of administrative staff, faculty and student representatives that oversee budget allocation and project approval. Keep in mind that STF is totally dependent on the entire college community for its effectiveness. Lacking proposals submitted by students, faculty, and staff, there would be no projects to fund. 

Student Tech Fee 2020 – 21 Committee Members 

Students Members (elected via the Doctoral and Graduate Students' Council): 
  • Edward Charnley
  • Raj Korpan
  • Sonja Gandert
  • Adam Kocurek – alternate 
  • Bertrand Ithurburn - alternate

Faculty Members 
  • Anne Valk, Humanities Cluster
  • Tony Ro, Sciences Cluster
  • Thom Thurston, Social Sciences Cluster
  • Matthew Gold, GC Academic Technology Officer (non-voting member) 

  • Emily Drabinski, Chief Librarian 

  • Elaine Montilla, AVP for IT, Committee Chair (non-voting member) 

Student Technology Fee

What is the Student Technology Fee?

The STF is collected from students to improve existing technology and related operations and to acquire new and advanced technology that significantly benefits students and student access.

How often does the STF Committee meet?

The Graduate Center’s STF Committee is comprised of student, faculty and administrative staff representatives. The Committee meets twice a year. First to review and approve project proposal submissions that merit funding in the upcoming fiscal year (July 1st - June 30th) and second, to report on the status of orders.

What is the purpose of the Student Technology Fee Committee?

What are the uses of the Student Technology Fee?

  1. Implementing or upgrading of instructional computer labs
  2. Acquiring or upgrading accessible technology
  3. Implementing or upgrading student-serving computer labs
  4. Improving and implementing student services
  5. Faculty development of new or improved courseware
  6. Electronic information resources in the library
  7. Personnel for installation and maintenance of computer services
  8. Upgrading instructional spaces to support technology-assisted learning
  9. Acquiring technology tools to support college-sponsored student activities
  10. Expand student access to current and emerging technology
  11. Purchase of Enterprise Solutions

What are some unacceptable uses of the Student Technology Fee?

  1. Consumable goods i.e. paper for personal use and pens, ink cartridges and other office supplies 
  2. Infrastructure requirements, such as electrical work, building repairs, etc. 
  3. Hardware, software, supplies for private use 

Where is the STF proposal form and what are the guidelines for submitting the form?

Any current GC student, faculty, or staff member can submit a project proposal to the STF committee by end of business on the second Friday in February. The project must benefit students and fall under one of the eleven acceptable uses of the STF. Proposals should include all related needs in one application. Do not submit multiple forms for smaller amounts of equipment that will serve the same purpose. Upload preliminary price quotes or estimates, including shipping costs, to inform the committee of the total amount needed for your project, if approved. Note that new quotes are required (if approved) at the time of ordering as prices change slightly over time. Upload sole vendor letters too. Proposals previously submitted, but not funded for any reason, do not automatically get considered in subsequent years. A new proposal must be submitted.  

Who can submit a proposal?

Any current GC student, faculty, or staff member can submit a proposal. While we accept proposals on a rolling basis (year-round), proposals must be received by end of business on the second Friday in February in order to be considered for funding in the upcoming fiscal year (July 1st - June 30th).

How is the Student Technology Fee Plan created?

The Student Technology Fee Committee reviews all submitted proposals and recommends the submissions that should be procured according to available funds, CUNY's stated Guiding Principles, and the college's Master Plan. Once the committee selects the proposals to be approved, these become projects which ultimately make up the STF plan. The STF Plan is presented to the President for further review and approval. Finally, it is submitted to CUNY Central as the college’s official Student Technology Fee plan for the next fiscal year (July 1st - June 30th).

How will I know if my proposal has been approved or not?

Once the finalized plan is submitted to CUNY Central, you will receive a notification via email regarding the status of your proposal. If your proposal was approved, instructions will be sent as an email attachment detailing how to proceed with initiating the ordering of your items. If your proposal was not approved, you will be notified via email to this effect. You are encouraged to resubmit your proposal for consideration for the next fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th). Keep in mind that funds are limited and, depending on priorities outlined by the committee, may not be available.

If my proposal has associated recurring costs will Student Technology Fee pay for it?

The initial cost for an item is paid for at the time of purchase; however, there is no guarantee that recurring costs will be covered in subsequent years, unless it gets committee approval.

Am I allowed to add to or substitute items in my original proposal after its been approved?

No. Only the item(s) presented to the committee and approved during the annual STF meeting can be purchased within the approved budget amount.

When will my approved requested items be ordered and received?

This depends upon the availability of funds, priorities outlined by the committee and where your order stands in the queue. Typically, funds are made available in the Fall and throughout the academic year. Once it's been confirmed that funds are at our disposal, ordering will begin, starting with the priorities set by the committee. Subsequently, orders are handled on a first-come, first-served basis and can take as little as 30 days or several months to arrive. It is possible that your items will be delivered in the Spring. This is something to keep in mind when planning and requesting to use Tech Fee funds to improve technology resources in your respective area and throughout the GC. Like all purchases, STF projects go through the standard CUNY procurement process, which require adherence to many guidelines and can be time consuming. Therefore, your cooperation and patience are greatly needed and appreciated. 

How can I follow-up on my project proposal or contact the STF Chair?

Please send all inquiries to