Institutional Services

Institutional Services oversees the daily operations of the Property Management Office, Central Stores, Mail Services and Print Services. The goal of Institutional Services is to provide outstanding service to faculty, staff and students.  Institutional Services encourages feedback to improve services in all its areas, to effectuate policies and streamline procedures. Members of the Graduate Center Community may wish to visit the individual service web page for each of the departments for additional information. In addition, we invite you to stop by Institutional Services if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance to you.

The Property Management Office

It is the mission of  the Property Management Office  to identify and tag newly acquired equipment, establish internal policy and procedures,   maintain the integrity of the INSITE database, generate reports from the college database,  reconcile property records, coordinate the disposition of college equipment and to conduct an annual inventory,  in a proper and professional manner that meets the needs and expectations of our faculty and staff and supports the University's vision.

The Property Management Office is responsible for tracking all newly acquired equipment with a dollar value of $5,000 or more.  For computer related equipment the threshold is $1,000 or more.   The Property Management Office is also responsible for the relinquishment or disposing of equipment that is deemed obsolete or irreparable and for property exiting the building which requires a Property Removal Pass.  The Property Management Office conducts an annual inventory of all equipment purchased from by the College (tax levy, grant, overhead, and capital funding sources).

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Mail Services

Mail Services is responsible for all incoming, outgoing, inter-college, interdepartmental, special service, express, and bulk mailings.  Mail Services provides limited pickup and delivery messenger service to various locations as staffing permits.  Mail Services strives to be responsive, efficient and to use cost-effective methods that will serve the Graduate Center Community.

Mail Services is also responsible for preparing First Class Mail, Standard Mail, self-mailers, inter-college departmental mail of various sizes and shapes.

Mail Services uses the latest Pitney Bowes technology to perform mailing tasks such as the address printer, for labeling jobs, the folder and inserter and SmartMailer software that enables the Graduate Center community to take advantage of postal discounts.

The goal of Mail Services is to assist departments, disciplines, and centers and institutes in designing mailpieces so that the meet the postal regulations.

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Print Services

Print Services performs complex reproducing and processing work, using a variety of printing, duplicating, binding, finishing, plate making and auxiliary equipment to produce black and white, multi-color, half tones and close register items.  The department is able to print all types of paper substrate in sizes form 3”x5” to 20”x25” sheets. 

The mission of Print Services is to ensure that their work is of the highest quality for jobs such as brochures, flyers, and calendar of events, business cards, letter head, and envelopes.

Print Services Policies and Procedures Form Procedure

1) A request form should be filled out and signed by the department head or an authorized designee.  You may submit the request via mail, scanned into an email, or in person.

2) Print Services requires on at least three days turnaround time for jobs that need to be reproduced, commencing from the time they receive the request.  However, there are certain jobs that require extra time due to their volume and complexity.

3) Expect a one week turnaround time for jobs need to be done on the press. All printed material requires film to be processed, negatives to be stripped, plate making and inks to be mixed, etc.

4) Once the request form is received, it is logged in, priced and processed.  Once the job is completed it is placed on the delivery table for customer pick-up or Mail Facility Delivery.

Copyright Law for the Graduate CenterAny material that is copyrighted may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.  Unless, obtaining an override from the Provost Office.

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The Central Stores Office

The Central Stores Office provides supplies such as copier paper, inter-college, and departmental envelopes and exam booklets to the faculty, staff, centers and institutes throughout the Graduate Center.  Although, most office supplies are now ordered via Staples, please check with the Supply Room because there are still other items available. 
Central Stores department also works in conjunction with the Mail Facility and Mailing Center, providing support with sorting mail, dead letter issues, messenger service and preparing mailings.

Central Stores is located on the main floor in room 1211.

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