Boston Marathon Bombing - Heightened Threat Level

On Monday, 4/15/13 two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring more than 140.  The FBI and Boston Police Department are investigating various leads but as of now it is still unclear who might be responsible for the blast.  NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced this morning that while there is no known threat to New York City, NYPD is on heightened alert and is increasing its uniformed presence and taking other special precautions.  In addition, the Office of Security & Public Safety will step up perimeter patrols, paying special attention to parked vehicles and unattended packages.  
Now is a good time to review how we would react to such a threat or actual attack.  If the campus ever receives a terrorist threat, the Graduate Center’s Emergency Operations Plan will be activated. This plan is designed to protect life and property in the event of a major disaster.  The Office of Security & Public Safety is in radio contact with the NYC Office of Emergency Management and receives up-to-the-minute e-mail alerts from the NYPD during an emergency.  The Graduate Center will use all available information to provide direction and instructions about specific situations and actions to take, such as evacuation, in-building relocation or sheltering-in-place. This information will be communicated by public address announcements, community e-mails, the GC web site and CUNY Alert.
Our response will depend on the type and location of an incident.  Generally, if the threat or attack is inside our building or close enough outside to threaten our building, we will activate the building evacuation plan.   Empire State Building (ESB) bomb threats will be handled as they have in the past and will depend on information received from ESB and NYPD personnel who will have more information concerning the actual threat. The Graduate Center will be guided by the NYPD’s recommendations and instructions. ESB related evacuations of the Graduate Center will be conducted through the 35th Street and Madison Avenue exits.
If the threat or attack  involves an outdoor environmental release of a hazardous material (chemical, biological or radiological/”Dirty Bomb”), you should be prepared to remain inside the building. You will be directed to move to the interior of the building away from windows. As a precaution, the HVAC system will be shut down and elevators will be taken out of service to prevent the spread of any hazardous material. You will be asked to remain in the building until it is determined that it is safe to leave.
Students, staff and faculty should continue to go about their normal business but should report any suspicious activity immediately by calling x7777.  You can prepare for an emergency by learning fire exit locations and evacuation routes. For additional information on emergency procedures please visit our website at  Thank you.

Submitted on: APR 23, 2013

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