CUNY Alert Emergency Notification System

On Friday 2/1/08, you received an invitation to sign up for CUNY Alert, a new emergency notification tool that allows students, staff and faculty to receive text or voice notifications of campus emergencies or weather related closings. I encourage everyone to sign up for this free service as it will be an important part of the Graduate Center’s Emergency Operations Plan. I also ask that Executive Officers, Directors of Centers and Institutes, Heads of Offices and Assistant Program Officers forward this message to people in the departments who do not regularly use their Graduate Center e-mail address.

You can sign up for CUNY Alert at and you will be able to select the best way to get messages: cell phone, home phone, e-mail or IM, or any combination of these. The process takes only a few minutes.

The Graduate Center and Security & Public Safety are committed to ensuring the security, health and safety of the GC community. CUNY Alert is one of many tools that we will use to accomplish this goal. Please call me at 212-817-7761 if you have any questions concerning CUNY Alert or any other security and safety issues. Thank you

Submitted on: FEB 5, 2008

Category: Security