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The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) helps students, faculty, and staff at The Graduate Center identify, acquire, and manage outside funding for their research projects.

$16 million

Received by The Graduate Center every year in research funding


Applicants who successfully secure funding for their projects through RSP every year


Researchers who receive NIH/NSF funding every year

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If you are thinking about applying for funding, please reach out ( to set up a meeting with us! The best way to map out your project is by discussing it face-to-face with our team.

Welcome to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP).

Our mission:

RSP’s goal is to expand the external funding base of The Graduate Center’s research, teaching, and public service missions.

We seek to promote a culture of academic research and assist faculty, staff, and students in obtaining external funding in order to develop and maintain faculty and student research. Our office is the central administrative unit for overseeing Graduate Center applications for — and awards of — governmental and foundation funding.

Through in-person, individualized advising sessions, we assist researchers of all levels with identifying suitable funding opportunities and preparing competitive applications. If you receive an award, we guide you through the process of setting up, managing, and closing out your project.

Our services include:

  • Identifying appropriate funding opportunities
  • Project development guidance (including budget)
  • Proposal review and editing
  • Oversight of official institutional review, authorization, and submission of proposals
  • Liaising with the Research Foundation in connection with post-award administration
  • Coordination with relevant Graduate Center departments to ensure compliance with GC and sponsor requirements and regulations

We also provide a variety of tools, training resources, and important information about policies and procedures.

To explore funding opportunities within The Graduate Center, see Financing Your Education

circular flow chart depicting the life cycle of a grant. Step 1: Generate an Idea. Step 2: Locate Funding Opportunity. Step 3: Develop Proposal. Step 4: Finalize Proposal. Step 5: Submit Proposal. Step 6: Notification of Award. Step 7: Negotiate or Accept Award. Step 8: Manage Project. Step 9: Close Our Award. Return to Step 1.

Our Team

Joshua Brumberg

Dean for the Sciences
Graduate Center
Room 8111.03

Phone 212-817-7242

Huyuni Suratt

Director of Sponsored Research
The Graduate Center
Room 3300.03

Phone 212-817-7526

Adrienne Klein

Director of Budgets, Grants and Special
The Graduate Center
Room 3300.04

Phone 212-817-7522