Faculty Book: Sherrie L. Baver

Sherrie L. Baver, Angelo Falcón, and Gabriel Haslip-Viera, editors
Latinos in New York: Communities in Transition, Second Edition
(Notre Dame Press, 2017)

Latinos in New YorkSignificant changes in New York City’s Latino community have occurred since the first edition of Latinos in New York: Communities in Transition was published in 1996. The Latino population in metropolitan New York has increased from 1.7 million in the 1990s to over 2.4 million, constituting a third of the population spread over five boroughs. Puerto Ricans remain the largest subgroup, followed by Dominicans and Mexicans; however, Puerto Ricans are no longer the majority of New York’s Latinos as they were throughout most of the twentieth century.

Latinos in New York: Communities in Transition, second edition, is the most comprehensive reader available on the experience of New York City’s diverse Latino population. The book brings together leading social analysts and community advocates on the Latino experience to address issues that have been largely neglected in the literature on New York City. These include the role of race, culture and identity, health, the criminal justice system, the media, and higher education, subjects that require greater attention both from academic as well as policy perspectives.

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Submitted on: JUL 25, 2017

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