Faculty Book: Jason Kandybowicz

Jason Kandybowicz and Harold Torrence, editors
Africa's Endangered Languages: Documentary and Theoretical Approaches
(Oxford University Press, 2017)
Africas Endangered LanguagesOnly a handful of books on the subject of African language endangerment exist, and only two of those were published in the last 20 years, making this book an important new contribution to both the African linguistics and endangered languages literature. This book provides theoretical analysis and addresses methodological concerns relating to the interplay between linguistic theory and language documentation, filling a gap in the endangered languages literature. In addition, existing descriptions and analyses of the endangered Nata language in the literature are scarce, making the Nata contributions in this book some of the first published materials on the language. This book contains the first published description of verbal morphology in Seenku, an endangered language of Burkina Faso. Jason Kandybowicz is an associate professor of linguistics at the Graduate Center.
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Submitted on: OCT 12, 2017

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