Graphic Arts Policy and Procedures

Form Procedure

1. A request form should be filled out and signed by the department head or an authorized designee. You may submit the request via mail, scanned into an email to, or in person to Room Z37.

2. The Graphic Arts Production department requires on at least three days turnaround time for jobs that need to be reproduced, commencing from the time they receive the request. However, there are certain jobs that require extra time due to their volume and complexity.

3. Expect a one week turnaround time for jobs need to be done on the press. All printed material requires film to be processed, negatives to be stripped, plate making and inks to be mixed, etc.

4. Once the request form is received, it is logged in, priced and processed. Once the job is completed it is placed on the delivery table for customer pick-up or Mail Facility Delivery.