Registration - permit students

All students register for courses via the world wide web. In order to register you need to log into the secure area of banner “student web”. Instructions on how to register and the login for the secure area can be found by clicking on the student web link at <>. It is the responsibility of the student to know the general academic requirements of the University and the specific requirements of the program in which he or she is matriculated. 

Doctoral and masters students will receive a personalized registration information letter which will include registration instructions and appointment times. All students are required to consult with their Executive Officer or academic advisor prior to registering. Students may be required to enter an advisement PIN (a PIN which you will be prompted to enter only when you attempt to register). Students assigned advisement PINs will receive notification in their registration information letter along with instructions to contact their academic program to make an appointment for advisement. 

Students register for courses that appear in the Graduate Center web site or Announcement of Courses by logging into the secure area of banner “student web.”  Each course appearing in the class schedule has a number in brackets [CRN]. To register for a class, enter the CRN in the appropriate worksheet box on the web registration screen. If you do not have a class schedule or if you are unsure of the CRN codes, click on the Class Search button at the bottom of the screen to review the class schedule and to search for courses. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the registration.

Variable credit courses - In some cases courses do not have a fixed credit value and students may choose the number of credits they are to attempt. Examples of variable credit courses are most independent study courses and most courses offered by the English Program. When registering for variable credit courses, please note that the registration will be processed automatically for the lowest credit value available. You may change this credit value by clicking on the credit number in the registration screen. 

Effective Fall 2018, matriculated students registering for courses that are offered at another CUNY college, but do not appear on the Graduate Center Announcement of Courses, must complete the Request for Permit Out Form via their CUNYfirst student self-service account. Information and instructions on how to file an electronic ePermit is TBA.

Doctoral students wishing to take courses through the Consortium must complete the Inter-University Cross Registration Form as well as the Request for Permit Out Form both of which are available at the Registrar. Please submit the Request for Permit Out Form to the Registrar as soon as possible so that registration processing for the course can begin. Once all the signatures are obtained on the Inter-University Cross Registration form then it should also be submitted to the Registrar in Room 7201. Please note that the completed Inter-University Cross Registration form must be returned to the Registrar's Office by the end of the third week of the semester. 

Non-matriculants, permit students and auditors must file an application in advance of registration. Applications may be obtained at the Registrar and in the academic departments. The application for admission as a non-matriculant, permit student or auditor must be submitted before the semester deadline. In addition, enrollment in courses is at the discretion of each academic program. 

Please note that non-matriculant and audit applicants pay the $75 application fee if they are attending for the first time or reapplying after an absence of one or more semesters and pay full tuition and fees at the time of their registration. Permit students are not charged the application fee.  If you need assistance with the log-in PIN or registration related questions contact the Registrar's Office in room 7201. If you need technical assistance contact Information Resources at 212 817-7300. 

If you have academic questions or forgot your advisement PIN contact your academic program.