Leave of Absence

Leaves of absence will be granted to students deemed to be in good standing who wish to interrupt their doctoral study. No more than four semesters of total leave time will be granted to any student. Each leave request should be made in writing to the student’s Executive Officer prior to the semester or academic year during which the leave will be taken. If approved by the program’s Executive Officer, requests for leave will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar.  The leave must then be cleared by the Offices of Financial Aid and International Students (if applicable), the Coordinator of Residence Life (if applicable), and the Mina Rees Library, the Bursar, and the Business Office. Leaves of absence are not counted toward the time limit for completion of degree requirements. Any student subject to induction or recall into military service should consult the veterans’ certifying officer before applying for an official leave. Any international student with F-1 or J-1 student status should consult the Office of International Grading/Records and Regulations Students before applying for a leave. International students must remain outside the U.S. for the entire semester while on a leave of absence and may need to reapply for a new student status if their absence is longer than five months. A $20 readmission fee will be assessed upon the student’s return. During the period of the leave, no changes in academic status, including such matters as the scheduling and taking of qualifying exams, application for en-route degrees, and advancement to candidacy, may be effected.