Auditing Courses

Matriculated students may audit courses in which they have an interest so that they can increase their knowledge and proficiency. Students must formally register to audit courses in the same manner as for any other course. You must select the audit option in the action field on the Web registration screen. “Unofficial” auditing is not permitted. Auditor status cannot be changed to credit status after the change-of-program period has ended. Likewise, credit status cannot be changed to auditor status after the same period. The grade notation “AUD,” which carries no earned credit, cannot be changed to any other grade.

For doctoral Second- and Third-Level students, who are charged a flat tuition rate, there is no additional charge for auditing courses. For doctoral First-Level students and master’s students, audited courses will be included in the calculation of total credits to determine full- or part-time status. Students registered for 7 or more credits (whether for credit or as an audit) will be charged full-time tuition, whereas students registered for 6 or fewer total credits will be charged per credit. Thus, a student registered for both a 3-credit course for credit and a 3-credit course as an audit will be charged for 6 credits at the per-credit rate; and a student registered for both a 3-credit course for credit and a 4-credit course as an audit will be charged full-time tuition.

Non-matriculant and audit applicants pay the $75 application fee if they are attending for the first time or reapplying via readmission after an absence of one or more semesters and pay full tuition and fees at the time of their registration. Permit students from another CUNY campus are not charged the application fee.  If you have registration related questions, contact the Registrar's Office via email at If you need technical assistance contact Information Resources at (212) 817-7300.