Council of Executive Officers and Discipline Cluster Groups

The Council of Executive Officers is composed of the Executive Officers, who administer the academic programs of The Graduate Center. The Council functions as an advisory body to the President and meets with the President and key members of the administration.
Subgroups of Executive Officers (Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences) also meet separately in discipline cluster groups. The meetings provide a forum for Executive Officers to discuss problems, to comment on current policies and practices, and to make suggestions.
Executive Officers may submit agenda items to the Executive Committee of the Council of Executive Officers. Contact Patti Myatt at in the Provost's Office for further information. Council of Executive Officers meetings for 2016-2017 are scheduled for 3:00 p.m. in the President's Large Conference Room (8201.01) as indicated below. There will be no meeting in December and January.

• Tuesday, September 26
• Tuesday, November 28
• Tuesday, February 20
• Tuesday, April 24

Executive Committee of the Council of Executive Officers

The Executive Committee of the Council of Executive Officers serves in an advisory capacity to the President, who attends the meetings, in identifying issues for the full Council's agenda. Membership consists of eight Executive Officers: two from the humanities, two from the social sciences, two from the sciences, and two at large. Members for 2017-2018 are:


Meetings of the Executive Committee for 2017-2018 are scheduled at 2:00 p.m. as noted below in the President's Small Conference Room (8201.06) There will be no meetings in December and January.

• Tuesday, October 3
• Tuesday, November 7
• Tuesday, February 6
• Tuesday, April 10
• Tuesday, May 1