Graduate Center Faculty (Other Faculty Personnel Actions)

Personnel actions for Graduate Center faculty are considered first at the program level and then by the Graduate Center's Academic Review Committee, which has the responsibility of making recommendations to the President on requests for appointment, reappointment, promotion, tenure, fellowship leaves of absence, and nominations for Distinguished Professor. Materials in support of these actions (except leaves) require an Academic Review Committee Evaluation Form [PDF], available in the Office of the Provost and on the Provost's web site. Separate forms for leaves of absence are available from the Office of Human Resources, as well as on the Provost's web site.

Letters of Evaluation: The letters of evaluation should be from scholars (or, where appropriate, other experts such as creative artists) outside The City University to New York (a minimum of three in cases of appointment of an assistant professor without tenure; five in all other cases of appointment, promotion or tenure) and should be from specialists in the candidate’s field. None of the reviewers should be collaborators or co-authors with the candidate. Preferably, none should have been the candidate’s dissertation advisor except in cases of appointment of an assistant professor without tenure.
The Executive Officer will select the evaluators in consultation with the Executive Committee of the program. The candidate may submit names of potential evaluators and the names of up to two potential reviewers whom he or she would wish to exclude along with the reason for the exclusion. If a reviewer is taken from that list, the candidate’s reason for concern shall be provided with the reviewer’s letter. The Executive Officer will submit the list of evaluators with brief bios to the relevant dean for final approval. The relevant dean may request additional letters.
Evaluators should be at a rank appropriate to the action requested. For example, in a promotion to Associate Professor, evaluators should be a the rank of Associate or full Professor. The evaluators should be identified briefly on a separate sheet, with t notices as to which evaluators were selected independently (i.e. other than recommended by the candidate). No more than two evaluators should be selected from those recommended by the candidate. Additional evaluation letters beyond the minimum number may be included All letters should contain a statement describing how the candidate is know to the evaluator; which of the candidate’s writings have been read by the evaluator; and how the candidate’s work is judged relative ot the most important work currently being done in the field. See the Provost’s Office website for additional information.