Graduate Center Faculty: Time and Leave

CUNY requires each campus to keep monthly records on time worked and on temporary disability (sick) leave accumulated and used. Faculty members absent because of a temporary disability should promptly inform the Executive Officer, who should notify the Provost and the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources of the probable duration of the absence. Faculty should submit a "Teaching Instructional Temporary Disability (Sick) Leave Record" to the Executive Officer, who sends a monthly report for all members of that program's faculty to Human Resources. An "Application for Temporary Disability Leave" is required for absences of six days or more. Leaves due to personal illness or the illness of a family member fall under CUNY's Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) policy and must be discussed with the Personnel Director. Leaves of longer than five days fall under the FMLA. For absences other than temporary disability, such as the death of an immediate family member, an "Application for a Leave of Absence with Pay for Special Purposes" is required. Further explanations and copies of leave applications and monthly time reports are available in Human Resources.