Joy Connolly The Graduate Center is a community invested in outstanding scholarship and research for the public good. A classicist who studies ancient Greece and Rome, I define the public good to include the core value of preserving and understanding human endeavor in all its diversity through time and space, from our earliest experiments in poetry and art to our very latest experiments in the bench sciences.

It is a great honor to lead this remarkable institution, the home of great teachers and researchers, and to build on the momentum we’ve established in enhancing The Graduate Center’s academic strengths and working as hard as we can to ensure the success and well-being of our faculty, students, and staff.

Every day we tackle wicked problems and shed light on scholarly inquiries both traditional and new. Our faculty aim to inspire students to build careers that allow them to make their mark as scholars, scientists, teachers, inventors, artists, writers, and models of intellectual ambition wherever their careers may take them. I am personally committed to the belief that a great graduate education prepares students for all manner of lives inside and outside the academy. The sophistication and broad vision of graduate curriculum and the services we offer students are the best evidence of our investment in our students’ diverse futures.

As we pursue a path that is uncompromising in its commitment to academic excellence, we will continue to cultivate a culture of inclusion, innovation, and experimentation. I look forward to many conversations with you through the rest of this academic year and beyond – to sharing with you my vision of the Graduate Center and learning about your vision, your work and hopes.

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Joy Connolly
Interim President


About Joy Connolly 

Joy Connolly began her service as interim president of The Graduate Center of The City University of New York, the principal doctorate-granting institution of the nation’s leading public urban university, in December 2018. A distinguished professor of classics, she joined The Graduate Center as its provost and senior vice president in August 2016. Learn more about Interim President Connolly...