Message from President Kelly: GC 50th Anniversary Year 2011-12


I write to you at the beginning of our fiftieth-anniversary year. The Graduate Center has made remarkable advances in five decades, and we have much to celebrate.  
The signature events of our anniversary will be two convocations, one in October and one in April, each celebrating our enduring commitment to scholarship.  The first event will feature current Graduate Center faculty commenting on the work of such past GC scholars as Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Irving Howe and Alfred Kazin.  The second event will feature GC faculty speaking on new scholarly directions in their fields.  More information about these convocations will be available in the fall.
In conjunction with our anniversary we are introducing a new GC logo, as well as a special instance of the new logo specific to our fiftieth year.   In the coming weeks you will see the logo across the Graduate Center, and you will receive guidelines for its use. The change to the new logo will be gradual, with new stationery, business cards, brochures and the like reprinted as existing stockpiles are depleted.
We are excited, as well, to unveil the first phase of our new GC web presence, a wholly reconceived and redesigned resource to serve the Graduate Center’s many constituents.  The result of an extended period of discussion and consultation, the phase-one launch of the website offers a new look for the Graduate Center’s online presence and incorporates features many of you have requested.  Subsequent phases will expand upon these enhancements.  We will, of course, keep you up-to-date on progress on this front.
I look forward to celebrating with you throughout this anniversary year.

Submitted on: JUL 13, 2011

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