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The Provost’s Office supports the core academic mission of The Graduate Center. It aims to sustain The Graduate Center in its commitment to diversity and to opportunity for people in New York and around the world in pursuing advanced research and disseminating it for the public good. The Graduate Center, with its more than 30 doctoral programs and 16 master’s programs, is known for its innovative interdisciplinary research. Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, it draws inspiration from the many and varied cultural currents surrounding it. 

In addition to its own responsibilities, the Provost’s Office works closely with the President’s Office in academic planning and in support of the initiatives of the president.
The Provost’s Office supervises degree programs and centers and institutes; research endeavors; faculty hiring and promotion; the provision of courses and academic instruction; the Registrar’s Office; the development of new degree programs; the recruitment of students; fellowships, financial aid, and student employment; the provision of NYSHIP, subsidized health insurance for doctoral students employed in certain CUNY job titles; and the provision of services for students with disabilities and of psychological counseling. The Provost’s Office also oversees services for international students
These services and responsibilities are carried out by leaders in many different offices within the broad rubric of the Provost’s Office. These leaders and their colleagues share a commitment to making The Graduate Center a responsive institution that is a stimulating and rewarding place to study and to work. 


Meet the Provost's Office

About Interim Provost Julia Wrigley

Julia WrigleyJulia Wrigley has been a leading member of The City University of New York academic community since 1991. In December 2018, she began her appointment as interim provost and senior vice president of The Graduate Center.
In earlier administrative roles, from 2014 to 2015, she served as CUNY’s interim executive vice chancellor and university provost. Prior to that, she served as associate university provost, and from 2005 to 2008, she was the acting associate provost and dean for academic affairs at The Graduate Center.
Most recently, as The Graduate Center’s interim dean for master’s programs, she helped establish seven new interdisciplinary master’s programs.
She is a professor in the sociology and urban education programs at The Graduate Center, and her work focuses on social class and inequality. In Class Politics and Public Schools she analyzes conflicts over the control of Chicago’s schools and how these were shaped by the changing fortunes of the city’s working class movements. Her book Other People’s Children explores how domestic workers and middle-class parents negotiate class differences in children’s care. Her publications include an analysis (with Joanna Dreby) of how differences in the organization of child care affect the rates of children’s injuries and fatalities and the types of accidents or violence children experience. Her articles have appeared in varied publications, including the American Journal of Sociology and the American Sociological Review.
She received a B.A. in sociology from the University of Michigan and her master’s and Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She taught at UCLA before coming to The Graduate Center in 1991.

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Phone: (212) 817-7200

Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Affairs David Olan

Reporting to the Provost and serving as deputy, the Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Affairs assists in supervising a variety of administrative and fiscal areas, including all doctoral and master’s programs, interdisciplinary studies, the certificate programs, students’ professional development, the Graduate Assistant Programs, annual dissertation awards competition, oversight of the CUNY Performance Management Process (PMP) annual reports for GC goals and outcomes, and the Language Reading Program.  The Associate Provost and Dean for Academic affairs also plays a key leadership role in the Humanities, Social Science and Science Discipline clusters, and is a significant partner in the implementation of the Graduate Center’s Strategic Plan.

Phone: (212) 817-7205

Dean for the Sciences Joshua Brumberg

Joshua BrumbergReporting to the Provost, the Dean for the Sciences oversees all of the science doctoral programs (including the health science programs).  The Dean for the Sciences also monitors admissions and the 5-year student fellowship packages offered by the joint doctoral degree programs in the bench sciences, and plays a leadership role in the Science Discipline cluster.  

Phone:  (212) 817-7215


Interim Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
and Dean for Academic Initiatives and Strategic Innovation
Brian Peterson

Brian Peterson

Brian Peterson is the interim senior vice president of administration and finance and the dean for academic initiatives and strategic innovation at The Graduate Center.
As interim senior vice president, Peterson is responsible for overseeing and managing the finances and support services of The Graduate Center. As dean for academic initiatives, his priorities include leading new academic programming opportunities, such as certificates, hybrid and online courses, and non-degree offerings; advancing and strengthening global partnerships; raising the profile of the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies; and supporting The Graduate Center’s strategic planning and implementation.
Before joining The Graduate Center in 2018, Peterson was associate dean of student and community affairs at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. He led the teams that established the CUNY School of Professional Studies in 2003 and launched CUNY’s first online degree program in 2006. During his tenure at the CUNY School of Professional Studies, he supported the development of new academic programs, collaborated in developing responsive workforce development initiatives, raised scholarship funds for students, and collaborated with faculty and staff to support and promote student success.
Peterson has more than 25 years of experience in planning, leading, and administering higher education programs and initiatives. He has spearheaded large-scale workforce development programs for CUNY, and before that, for Jobs for Youth, Inc. and the National Community AIDS Partnership. A Minnesota native, he earned his B.S. in communications from St. Cloud State University and his MPA from Baruch College.  
Phone:  (212) 817-7252

Associate Dean for Institutional Effectiveness Yun Xiang

Yun XiangYun Xiang, the associate dean for institutional effectiveness at The Graduate Center, aims to design and implement a holistic data strategy so that information can transcend data silos to inform strategic planning and decision-making.

She is responsible for assessing student learning, organizational effectiveness, and the implementation of The Graduate Center’s 2017–2022 strategic plan. Her office coordinates assessment, accreditation, and evaluation efforts. All the data centered on these efforts will be collected, organized, analyzed, and disseminated to support good decision-making at various levels at The Graduate Center.

Xiang joined The Graduate Center in 2018 after serving as director of institutional research and assessment at the University of New Hampshire. In that position, she elevated the role of data in critical institutional areas, including academic affairs, enrollment management, and student affairs.

A published scholar, Xiang focuses her research and writing in the field of educational research and data analytics. Her recent presentations include “Strategic Enrollment Management and In-House Predictive Analytics” and “Building Storyboards for Enrollment Management” for the Association of Institutional Research (2016 and 2017).

She received her Ph.D. in Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation from Boston College and her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Boston University.

Phone:  (212) 817-7209


Provost's Office Staff Directory

Banchik, Rebecca
Director of the Human Research Protection Program
Rm 3300.28
(212) 817-7525

Bazan, Margarita
Associate Director for Academic Operations
Rm 8113.07
(212) 817-7238

Brumberg, Joshua
Dean for the Sciences
Rm 8111.03
(212) 817-7215

Doneger, Myra
CUNY Administrative Assistant
Rm 8111
(212) 817-7288 

Ellis, Anne
Director of Graduate Assistant Programs/
Special Assistant to the 
Associate Provost and Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences
Rm 8113.09
(212) 817-7284

Fish, Barbara L.
Director of Faculty Administration and Academic Information Systems
Rm 8113.06
(212) 817-7228

Kinger, Mansha
CUNY Office Assistant
Rm 8113
(212) 817-7237

Maldonado, Rosa A.
Academic Operations Specialist
Rm 8111.05

Modica, Stacy
Assistant to the Provost
Rm 8113.15
(212) 817-7229

Myatt, Patti
Executive Director of Academic Affairs
Rm. 8113.04
(212) 817-7227

Olan, David
Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Affairs
Rm 8113.11
(212) 817-7205

Peterson, Brian
Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration
Dean for Academic Initiatives and Strategic Innovation
Rm 8309.03
(212) 817-7252

Sponzo, Rachel
Associate Director of Student Research Fellowships
Rm 8113.14
(212) 817-7282

Teora, Francesca
Assessment Specialist
Rm 8111.05
(212) 817-7240

Xiang, Yun
Associate Dean for Institutional Effectiveness
Rm. 7209
(212) 817-7209

Wang, Ying
Associate Director for Institutional Effectiveness
Rm 8111.01
(212) 817-7226

Wong, Steven
Assistant Director of Faculty Administration and Academic Information Systems
Rm 8110
(212) 817-7286

Julia Wrigley
Provost and Senior Vice President
Rm 8113.03
(212) 817-7200


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