Student Financial Difficulties


It’s come to our attention that a letter is being prepared expressing distress and outrage about the severe financial difficulties experienced this fall by many international students.  We in the Provost’s office and the office of Financial Aid (to name just two sets of people involved) share your frustration, and we acknowledge that the current process is unsatisfactory.  We are, and have been, working to improve it.  We also believe in frank and swift communication and we want to hear from you about how we can better communicate our activity on issues affecting students without sending you an inordinate number of mass emails.
We are preparing more information; meanwhile, let me say that we sincerely regret the real problems caused by the delay in payments.  Students have advocates in several offices around the Graduate Center working tirelessly on your behalf.  We welcome your comments.  

Best wishes,


Submitted on: OCT 19, 2018

Category: Provost's Office