Internal and External Funding Opportunities


Applying for fellowships is an important part of graduate education.  All students, including those admitted with full five-year fellowships, should plan to apply for both internal and external grants and fellowships in order to support their research agendas.  Our internal summer awards offer students the opportunity to articulate and clarify the aims of their research projects during the early stages of their doctoral careers.  They are also intended to help students prepare for external award applications by cultivating grant writing skills and funding preliminary research opportunities.  Funding from external awards can be used to supplement and extend funding from the Graduate Center.


Listed below are award competitions for research and dissertation write-up funding offered by the Graduate Center, the exact funding varies by year.  Individual doctoral programs occasionally have program-specific awards and sometimes new funds become available at the last minute.  Students should check their Graduate Center email addresses for time sensitive notices.
ERI Award for Archival Research in African American and African Diaspora Studies
The ARC Award for Archival Research in African American and African Diaspora Studies ($4,000) will support doctoral students for work in archives, repositories, and special collections (public and private) that focuses directly on the history, society, and culture of Africans and persons of African descent. The award is available for both Level III students to assist in the completion of a chapter or substantive portion of their dissertation and Level II students whose research agenda could be substantially improved by access to archival materials prior to the submission of their dissertation prospectus.

Deadline:  Spring semester
Contact: Provost's Office,

ERI Knickerbocker Archival Research Grant in American Studies
The ARC Knickerbocker Archival Research Grant in American Studies provides a modest stipend for doctoral students at the Graduate Center to begin their archival dissertation research. Grant recipients receive a maximum of $4,000 to cover expenses incurred during their archival work. Recipients of the award are expected to submit a short write-up detailing their research activities as well as participate in a professional development workshop focused on grant writing the semester following the award. 
Deadline: Spring semester
Contact: Provost's Office,
ARC Research Praxis Awards
The ARC Research Praxis Awards are available to students in the second year of their doctoral program who are pursuing a dissertation research topic in one of the research themes of any given year. Throughout the period of the award, students work with ARC Distinguished Fellows in the research praxis seminar to learn how they conduct their research and to share research insights which can help them in their dissertation. The goal of this program is to foster student intellectual creativity and early entry into their research process. The Awards are valued at $4,000 each for one semester.
Deadline: Spring Semester
Contact: Advanced Research Collaborative,

Doctoral Student Research Grant Program (DSRG)
The mission (DSRG) program is to foster a research-oriented academic culture among doctoral students at CUNY Graduate Center by: (a) providing incentives for students to model and meet, early in their careers, the requirements for succeeding in the competition for funds by clearly defining a problem, a project, and a realistic budget; (b) providing an occasion for faculty-student mentoring relationships that are oriented around the concrete problems of proposing, planning for, and executing research; and (c) furthering student professional progress by providing funds for pre-doctoral research publications, presentations, and professional networking.  Individual Awards of up to $1,500 are available. 
Deadline: November 1 - January 31
Contact: Office of Research and Sponsored Programs,
Graduate Center Dissertation Fellowship Competition
The GC Dissertation Fellowship competition is a yearly competition for level III students who plan to be at the writing stage during the following academic year.  Students can apply for a number of different dissertation fellowships (both general and specialized) using the same application. 
Deadline: Application deadline January 16, 2019
Contact: Provost's Office,

Graduate Center Digital Fellows Program
The GC Digital Fellows Program operates as an in-house think-and-do-tank for digital projects, connecting Fellows to digital initiatives throughout the Graduate Center. Digital Fellows utilize a team-based approach as they explore creative solutions for projects that can be implemented in a collaborative fashion. In the process, the Program helps build out “The Digital GC”--a vision of the Graduate Center that incorporates technology into its core research and teaching missions. The award is for $27,000 and will include a graduate assistantship appointment that will carry eligibility to purchase low-cost NYSHIP health insurance.
Deadline: Spring semester
Contact: GC Digital Initiatives
Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants
The Graduate Center Digital Initiatives project of the Provost’s Office offers small awards to support cutting-edge digital projects designed, created, programmed, or administered by CUNY GC students. Students submit proposals to an annual competition for these awards, which range from $500 to $3,000.
Deadline: Spring semester
Contact: GC Digital Initiatives
Provost’s Pre-dissertation Research Fellowship
The Provost’s Pre-dissertation Research Fellowship program has two main objectives: (a) To allow students to conduct pre-dissertation research and training following completion of the first exam; (b) To support the development of a dissertation research proposal suitable for submission to an external funding agency. This program seeks to facilitate the transition from coursework to advanced individualized research. This fellowship is geared toward level II students and award $4,000 to conduct summer research. Recipients will undertake such activities including, but not limited to: initial field work, preliminary data collection, travel related to research, supplementary training in methods or techniques, or specialized language instruction. This program does not support conference attendance.
Deadline: Spring semester
Contact: Provost's Office,
Schomburg Archival Dissertation Fellowship
The Schomburg Archival Dissertation Fellowship will be awarded to a student in any field of the humanities or social sciences who will significantly gain from an academic year in residency at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. While in residence fellows will participate in bi-weekly seminar meetings of the Schomburg Scholars-in-Residence Program and will receive access to office space and a computer. Of particular interest are interdisciplinary dissertations that treat some significant aspect of the African Diaspora, including the culture and history of African Americans, and that draw from specific collections of The Schomburg Center. Fellows will deliver a public lecture about their projects in the spring of the award year. The fellowship provides a stipend of $25,000 and covers in-state tuition.
Deadline: January
Contact: Provost's Office,

The Vera Institute and CUNY Graduate Center Fellowships
Vera Institute/CUNY Graduate Center fellowships will be offered to Graduate Center Ph.D. students from any program with primary research interests in criminal or immigration justice and the work of the Vera Institute. The primary responsibilities of the award winners will be to collaborate with researchers in one of Vera’s 5 centers or programs on research relating to a specific project, including but not limited to data collection, analysis, fieldwork, report writing, stakeholder engagement, and dissemination. $4000 Summer Fellows.

Application Deadline: early Spring Semester

Graduate Center/ERI Fellowships in Interdisciplinary Research in the Service of Public Knowledge
These $4,000 summer fellowships are offered to Graduate Center doctoral students from any program conducting research with a distinctive interdisciplinary turn whose main question is driven by public needs and priorities. 
Deadline: Spring semester
Contact: Provost's Office,


Connect New York Fellowships
These $4,000 fellowships will be offered to Graduate Center Ph.D. students from any program conducting research on New York City and its environs (including, but not limited to: the city’s natural and artificial environments, its architectural landscapes, its infrastructure, city planning, city politics, its prominence as a global and economic hub, the city’s political, cultural, and social histories, its foodways, its flows of population, its communities, its ethnoscapes, soundscapes,  mediascapes, and ideoscapes, and its evolving urban ecosystems).

Deadline: Spring semester
Contact: Provost's Office,

Center for Court Innovation
These $4,000 fellowships will be offered by the Graduate Center to up to two (2) Ph.D. students from any program with primary research interests in the work of the Center for Court Innovation. The primary responsibilities of the award winners will be to collaborate with researchers at Center for Court Innovation on specific projects.

Deadline: Spring semester
Contact: Provost's Office,

Morgan Library & Museum Graduate Archival Fellowships
These $4,000 fellowships will be offered to Graduate Center Ph.D. students from any program with primary research interests related to the collections at the Morgan Library & Museum. The primary responsibilities of the award winners will be to collaborate with curators and librarians from the Morgan in order to process uncatalogued collections, improve public access to documents and related materials, and to gain experience in creating and organizing collections.

Deadline: Spring semester
Contact: Provost's Office,

CUNY—NYBG | Humanities Institute Graduate Research Fellowships 
These CUNY sponsored $4,000 fellowships will be offered to CUNY Graduate Center Ph.D. students from any program with primary research interests related to the environmental humanities that can be studied using the collections of the LuEsther T. Mertz Library at NYBG.  The primary responsibilities of the fellowship recipient will be to conduct their own research and collaborate with curators and archivists to expand public awareness of the important historical materials that reflect worldwide knowledge of plant science and culture, the vision of nature, landscape and garden design.

Deadline: Spring semester
Contact: Provost's Office,

GC Urban Studies Core Dissertation Fellowships
Several fellowships will be offered in Urban Studies to fund dissertation research and pre-dissertation research.  Proposals should explore some contemporary or historical aspect of urbanization or urban life.  Preference will be given to applicants who are studying forces or dynamics that have in the past or are currently reshaping cities in the global North and South, including analysis of the experiences, meanings, and interpretations of urban life.  These forces may include technological change, housing patterns, infrastructure, climate change, international migration, cultural diversity and interactions, changes in gender relations, family, and kinship, the challenges of governing cities and regions, economic restructuring, dynamics of inequality at different spatial scales, processes of inclusion and exclusion, the emergence of political and social movements, and new forms of cultural expression, hybridity, and ways of sensing and giving meaning to city life. 
See the application for complete description and guidelines.

Deadline: January 9, 2019
Contact: Provost's Office,


Knowing how to apply for and manage funding from an external organization is an important skill for graduate students, regardless of where your career might take you.  A successful grant application always begins with research into the type of funding opportunities available. 

Funding Search Tools and Databases
With these links, you can search databases, directories, curated lists, and additional resources to conduct research on grant sources. This list of tools will include resources provided by the Foundation Center, support for research and grant writing, and funding sources in the humanities, science, and art. Select resources purchased by the Graduate Center library require log-in with your GC network username and password.