Graduate Council Executive Committee

(Bylaws of the Graduate Council, Section 2.3D)

The Executive Committee of the Council shall be composed of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary of the Council, Chair of the Committee on Curriculum and Degree Requirements, Chair of the Committee on Structure, Chair of the Doctoral Faculty Policy Committee, one Co-Chair of the Doctoral Students' Council, a Faculty Senator elected by and from among the Graduate Center Senators elected to the University Faculty Senate, a Student Senator elected by and from among the Graduate Center Senators to the University Student Senate, and the Provost (nonvoting) or the Provost's designee.

The Executive Committee of Graduate Council shall be responsible for formulating the agenda and bringing resolutions, issues, and actions to Council for its consideration.

2018-2019 Members:

Prof. Martin Burke, Chair

Prof. Peter Eckersall, Vice-Chair

Prof. Polly Thistlethwaite, Secretary of Graduate Council

Prof. Duncan Faherty, Chair of Curriculum and Degree

Prof. Giancarlo Lombardi, Chair of Structure

Prof. Robert Nolan, UFS Representative

Prof. Barbara Weinstein, Doctoral Faculty Policy Committee

Interim President James Muyskens

Teresa Ober, DSC Co-Chair

Roderick Hurley, Student Senator