Student Academic Appeals Committee

(Bylaws of the Graduate Council, Section 3.2F)

Considers and makes recommendations to the Office of the Provost concerning student academic appeals that proceed beyond the level of the degree program, including appeals of grades and termination as outlined in the Graduate Center Student Handbook.

Membership consists of nine members of the doctoral faculty: three each from the sciences and engineering, social sciences, and humanities. Terms of service on the committee are three years staggered.

2020-2021 Members:


Prof. Martin Burke, History
Prof. Duncan Faherty, English
Prof. Domna Stanton, French

Social Sciences

Prof. Mary Clare Lennon, Sociology
Prof. Michelle Fine, Psychology
Prof. Martin Ruck, Developmental Psych., Urban Ed.



Prof. Orie Shafer (Bio/ASRC)
Prof. Yehuda Klein, EES
Prof. Robert Thompson, Mathematics