Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is the academic governing body of The Graduate School and University Center, and the Bylaws of Graduate Council set forth its rules of governance. Members include representatives of the faculty, doctoral students, and administration. The President of The Graduate Center is the Chair of Graduate Council. The Executive Committee of Graduate Council formulates the agenda and brings actions to Graduate Council, which meets four times each year. Graduate Council is concerned with such matters as curriculum, degree requirements, standards of admission, academic performance, and program governance. Much of the work of Graduate Council is done through its standing committees.

The Graduate Council is composed of Executive Officers, members of the doctoral faculty, and graduate students who are elected to represent the various disciplines. The Graduate Council Bylaws specify who are voting and nonvoting members. Faculty and student representatives are elected from each program (one each for every 100 matriculated doctoral students) every other spring under the supervision of an election committee established by the program's Executive Committee in accordance with Section 2.1D of the Bylaws.

Elections of faculty and student program representatives to Graduate Council are required to be conducted every two years, before April 1, by an election committee in each program; the basic formula for the election is one faculty and one doctoral student representative for each hundred or fewer matriculated doctoral students (GC Bylaws 2.1A–E). All matriculated doctoral students are eligible to be elected to the Council. Neither faculty members nor doctoral students on leave of absence are eligible to serve. The procedures for electing new faculty and student representatives is as follows: in each program the Executive Committee establishes an election committee consisting of the Executive Officer, three faculty members, and three doctoral student members. This committee has responsibility for nomination and election procedures. Faculty members vote for faculty representatives only; doctoral students vote for student members only.

For information on Graduate Council and its bylaws and committees, contact Patti Myatt at The Graduate Council meetings for 2021-2022 are at 3:00 p.m. on the following days:

October 20, 2021
December 15, 2021
March 16, 2022
May 4, 2022


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