The Graduate Center Self-Study

The Decennial Report to the Middle States Commission on HIgher Education from
The Graduate School and University Center The City University of New York

Chapter List


Appendix I-1: The Consortial and Allocations Systems at the Graduate School
Appendix I-2: The Self-Study Process
Appendix I-3: Self-Study Steering Committee and Working Group Members
Appendix 1-1: The Graduate Center's 2008-2009 Performance Management Process (PMP) Goals and Targets
Appendix 2-1: The Graduate Center's 2008-2009 Performance Management Process (PMP) Progress Report
Appendix 2-2: The Graduate Center Strategic Planning Survey Results
Appendix 3-1: Organizational Structure of the City University of New York
Appendix 3-2: Organizational and Administrative Structure of the Graduate School
Appendix 3-3: Chapter 3, Tables 1-3
Appendix 3-4: Graduate School Committee Structure
Appendix 5-1: Chapter 5, Tables 1-7
Appendix 5-2: Select Summary of the Graduate Center Executive Officer Survey
Appendix 5-3: Institutional Financial Aid
Appendix 5-4: Student Affairs Organizational Chart
Appendix 5-5: Doctoral Student Council Response to the Middle States Self-Study Report
Appendix 6-1: All Matriculated Students and Graduate-Center-based Faculty Members by Ethnicity and Gender, Fall 2008
Appendix 7-1: Graduate School Programs
Appendix 7-2: Curricular Changes over the Past Five Years by Program
Appendix 7-3: Consortium and Exchange Agreements
Appendix 7-4: Doctoral Students Enrolled in Consortia Courses by Program and Subject, Fall 2004-Fall 2007
Appendix 7-5: Academic Subjects of Courses Taken by Doctoral Students at Other CUNY Campuses, Fall 2004 – Fall 2008
Appendix 7-6:Graduate Center Research Centers and Institutes
Appendix 8-1:Governance Documents for the University Center
Appendix 8-2:Organizational Charts for CUNY BA, the School of Professional Studies, and the School of Journalism
Appendix 8-3: Report from the School of Journalism Outcomes Committee
Appendix 8-4: The School of Professional Studies Programs
Appendix 8-5: CUNY Baccalaureate Program Credit for Prior Experiential Learning
Appendix 9-1: Schedule of External Reviews of Graduate Center Programs
Appendix 9-2: The Graduate Center's Assessment Plan

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