Implementing the Strategic Plan

IntroImplementing the Strategic Plan

To ensure that the Graduate Center community under- stands our priorities, the 2017-2022 Strategic Plan will be discussed in upcoming meetings with Executive Officers and Assistant Program Officers, the Graduate Council, the Doctoral Student Council, the Graduate Center Foundation Board, and the President’s quarterly open meetings with the Graduate Center community. The plan will also be available online and in print.
To facilitate implementation, the President and Provost, in consultation with the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, will establish a Strategic Planning Implementation Committee, chaired by the Provost, to translate this plan into a detailed set of action plans. The Strategic Planning Implementation Committee will also assign responsibility to the offices and units of the Graduate Center that are appropriate to carry out each strategic action and will be responsible for general oversight of the plan’s execution, including assessment of the results.

The Strategic Planning Implementation Committee will make annual reports to the President, including recommendations for administrative action that flow from the assessments. The President will review these recommendations and determine if modifications are needed in strategic actions and associated resource allocations. The President will make periodic reports to the community describing progress toward achieving the goals of the plan and outlining modifications.