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Laura SinnottLaura Sinnott, Au.D., career-expanded into audiology in her mid-30s after working as an audio engineer in the New York City independent film industry. She earned a Master of Music degree in Music Technology from New York University where she focused on Bluetooth-based computer music interface performance and design. Her Bachelor of Science in Music Industry Studies is from the University of Colorado at Denver where she focused on concert and studio recording.
Laura is honored to be the current clinical director of Sensaphonics, a Chicago-based musician’s hearing clinic and in-ear monitor manufacturer headed by Michael Santucci, Au.D. Music industry personnel have extremely high risk for sound-induced hearing disorders, and Sensaphonics has passionately served this patient population for over 30 years. The mission is to motivate musicians to “respect your ears.” Laura provides hearing conservation audiology for musicians and sound engineers of all ages and backgrounds from rock stars to indispensable crew members. She also fits patients with amplification devices, provides tinnitus counseling and treatment recommendations and participates in product development. Sensaphonics recently released the 3D Music Enhancement (3D-ME) active ambient in-ear monitor system which can be used as high-fidelity hearing protection.
While a student, Laura conducted research on film sound engineers’ risk for hearing disorders, an area with absolutely no previous research. She was awarded a grant from the Graduate Center and from Etymotic Research, and mentored by Dr. Barbara Weinstein. Her findings were published by the Audio Engineering Society in 2018.
Laura’s additional interest is the importance of mindfulness meditation for audiologists. Mindfulness practices can help audiologists hone their counseling skills and provide more effective, person-centered care. She co-presented on the topic at the American Academy of Audiology convention in 2017 and co-authored an article in Canadian Audiologist in 2020. She is currently pursuing a mindfulness meditation teacher training certification at Chill Meditation studio in Chicago. 
Laura still sound designs films on the side, most recently for microscope dissection scenes for Son of Monarchs, directed by Alexis Gambis of Imagine Science films.
The Graduate Center, CUNY, audiology program is unique in that they support out-of-the box approaches to audiology, and a diverse student background. Laura can’t imagine becoming an audiologist anywhere else. [] []

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