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Barbara WeinsteinDr. Barbara E. Weinstein’s grant funded research, publications, consultations and professional presentations encompass the topics of hearing loss in older adults-psychosocial ramifications; screening to identify at risk older adults for sensory loss; patient centered care and outcomes assessment. The first and second editions of her textbook Geriatric Audiology are recognized as the “go to text” for professionals interested in hearing loss in older adults. The author of the Hearing Handicap Inventories questionnaires used globally to assess consequences of age related hearing loss and outcomes associated with hearing health care interventions, Dr. Weinstein is internationally recognized for being among the first researchers to document the link between age related hearing loss and social isolation, to document the impact of hearing loss on valid assessment of cognitive function using orally administered questionnaires, and to document the value of quantifying outcomes of hearing health care interventions using psychometrically adequate self report questionnaires. Her conceptual models and questionnaires have been adopted globally to document the downstream ramifications of untreated age related hearing loss. She is the recipient of numerous local, state and federally funded grants focused on age related hearing loss, its identification, management and successful outcomes.  Recently she has been a featured speaker nationally (e.g. North Carolina, California, Massachusetts, Arizona) and internationally (Italy, Austria, Denmark) at conferences on aging and hearing loss and cochlear implantation in older adults.  Dr. Weinstein’s two blogs on hearing loss and professional issues surrounding delivery of hearing health care services for older adults are seen as innovative disruptions helping to guide the profession as it pivots toward reaching the increasing number of persons with hearing loss.

Dr. Weinstein is currently a Professor of Audiology at the Graduate Center, CUNY where she served as the Founding Executive Officer of the Health Sciences Doctoral Programs and the Founding Executive Officer of the Doctoral Program in Audiology (AuD). The Doctoral Programs in Audiology, Nursing Sciences, Physical Therapy and Public Health helped launch the Graduate Center as a premier public university awarding doctoral degrees in the Health Sciences. She was instrumental in the founding of the CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College. A Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the American Academy of Audiology, Dr. Weinstein received her Ph.D. from Columbia University where she was first introduced to field of gerontology which she successfully merged with the profession of audiology. Dr. Weinstein’s awards are numerous including the Distinguished Achievement Award-New York State Speech Language Hearing Association, the Harriet Jonas Award in Audiology, the Herbert Oyer Award in Audiology, the Van Riper Scholar Award, the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Case Western Reserve University, and the N.Y.S. DiCarlo Clinical Achievement Award. Dr. Weinstein is the recipient of Local, State, and Federal Grants focused on improving the quality of life of older adults with hearing loss and education of public health professionals. A sought after expert and consultant on age related hearing loss, Dr. Weinstein’s proudest achievements are the awards her doctoral students have received throughout the years from organizations including the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA), the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) and the Ida Institute in Denmark. Dr. Weinstein serves as a consultant to numerous health related and hearing health related organizations focused on improving the quality of life of older adults with hearing loss.