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Brian Gibney Brian Gibney joined the Chemistry Department at Brooklyn College and CUNY doctoral faculty in both Chemistry and Biochemistry in 2008 after eight years on the faculty of Columbia University. He teaches courses in Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry and was just selected to receive the 2019 Outstanding Four Year Graduate Chemistry Teacher Award from the New York Local Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS).  He was appointed Executive Officer of the PhD Program in Chemistry in 2014 after serving as Deputy Executive Officer for three years. Over the past five years, he has led the program’s successful efforts to reform its curriculum with a focus on doctoral student research & professionalization, and to increase its diversity.  The latter effort was recognized in 2017 with the Stanley C. Israel Regional Award for Advancing Diversity in the Chemical Sciences from the Committee on Minority Affairs of the ACS presented to the CUNY PhD Program in Chemistry.  

Professor Gibney received his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Michigan where his research focused on developing metallacrowns, inorganic analogues of organic crown ethers, as metal salt selective molecular recognition agents.  He then moved to the University of Pennsylvania Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics where he trained in protein design and worked on the biochemistry of the cytochrome bc1 complex.   

Professor Gibney’s research uses the constructive method of de novo design to elucidate the engineering of metalloproteins involved in cardiovascular disease and cancer. “Using metalloprotein design we have been able to address two long-standing biochemical questions.  Namely, why does nature synthesize heme a for the vital human enzyme cytochrome c oxidase, and how much does zinc ion binding contribute to the stability of zinc finger transcription factors involved in cancer?” His current research is focused on the molecular mechanisms of lead toxicity and expanding the chemistry of designed heme proteins.  

Prof. Gibney is also an active volunteer in the ACS and has held leadership positions at the local (2017 Chair) and national levels (Councilor).  In the New York Local Section of the ACS, he founded the Brooklyn Frontiers in Science Public Lecture series to communicate chemistry’s value and the Nichols Fellows Program to support undergraduate research experiences. These efforts garnered him recognition as the 2019 Outstanding Outreach Volunteer of the Year for the New York Section and as the 2019 Outstanding Service Awardee.  He is the General Chair of the 2020 Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting of the ACS to be held at the CUNY Graduate Center on June 12th.  At the national level, Brian serves on the Committee on Science which works on emerging areas of research, science policy and science education.  For his outstanding achievements in, and contributions to science, the profession and the ACS he was named an ACS Fellow.