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Colleen-Brent-Gallagher Colleen Brent Gallagher is a Ph.D. candidate in the nanotechnology and materials science sub discipline working under the direction of Dr. Lynn Francesconi and Dr. Benjamin Burton-Pye. She received her Master’s degree from The Graduate Center of CUNY and her Bachelor’s of Science in chemistry from Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio.

As a recipient of the National Science Foundation’s Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (NSF-IGERT), she has had the opportunity to incorporate radiochemistry into her work. One of her research projects focuses on the manipulation and speciation of technetium containing polyoxometalates for use in identification of technetium containing compounds in used nuclear fuel tank waste. She also investigates photocatalytic capabilities of nanomaterials for the reduction of technetium in aqueous solutions.

In 2016 she was awarded an internship at Argonne National Laboratory in the Environmental Science Division under the direction of Dr. Margaret MacDonell. She was the team lead for the Geographic Information System (GIS) based project analyzing routing options for transporting commercial spent nuclear fuel in the continental United States. She was awarded the Roy G. Post Foundation Scholarship which allowed her to present the findings of the work at The Waste Management Symposium in Phoenix, Arizona. Her team’s efforts were awarded with a Superior Paper designation from the Symposium. At the conclusion of her internship she was offered a continuing position at the laboratory as a Co-Op student that she maintains today.

Entering her final year of study at CUNY, Colleen was awarded the Dissertation Year Fellowship. This funding provides a means of support to assist with the completion of the dissertation during the award year.