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Alexandra Plavskin

Why did you choose the GC Doctoral Program in Nursing?

I chose the GC PhD Program in Nursing because I work at Hunter College and think the City University system offers a terrific education for thousands of hard-working and diverse students. The students in my cohort have a wide range of clinical expertise, employment backgrounds, and life experiences. It is a pleasure getting to know and learning with the other students. In addition, I strongly value the combination of educational and work experience. The CUNY Nursing PhD program allows students to focus on their education while balancing it with valuable experience such as working as a nurse, nurse educator, or nurse administrator.

What is your thesis research?

I am working with nurse researchers from the NIH to evaluate an instrument that measures nurses' knowledge/competency, attitudes/receptivity, confidence, decision/adoption of genetics and genomics into nursing practice, as well as the effect of social systems. Genetics and genomics play a role in essentially all disease processes, as well as disease prevention and health promotion. Therefore, genetics and genomics are applicable to clinical practice of all nurses regardless of clinical specialty, practice areas, or educational background. This instrument can be used to determine how nurses use genetics and genomics in their clinical practice, nurses' knowledge of the content, the identification of potential knowledge gaps, and the effect of nurses' attitudes towards genetics/genomics to adoption of this content to clinical practice.

Alexandra Plavskin
What are your greatest accomplishments since entering the GC Program in Nursing?

During my time in the program I was able to go to the Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS) conference twice to present a poster of my doctoral work. It was an amazing opportunity to see presentations by leaders in nursing research, meet researchers in a variety of nursing fields, and receive feedback on my research.

I was also selected as a Jonas Scholar. This was a terrific opportunity to meet and collaborate with a number of national nursing leaders. It was a great experience and helped me connect with nurse researchers and educators.

What do you want to do after you get your Ph.D.?

I would like to balance being a nursing researcher, educator, and clinician. Nursing offers so many exciting opportunities and career paths. As a researcher, I hope to expand my knowledge of statistics to study the relationship between gene expression and patient outcomes.

What do you do in your free time?

I try to balance family and work. I also love cooking and learning about foods from different cultures. After I finish my PhD I might take some cooking classes.

What surprised you most about being a CUNY doctoral student in Nursing?

The importance of writing skills in a doctoral program. Also, I was pleasantly surprised at how much someone can improve their writing in a short period of time by practicing writing. Writing articles for publication, even writing term papers and class assignments, all help to improve writing skills!