Courses for the Semester

The Executive Officer determines the courses to be offered each semester after consultation with representative groups of faculty and students. The Executive Officer assigns faculty to teach these courses. A complete list of courses, all of which must have been approved previously by the Committee on Curriculum and Degree Requirements and by Graduate Council, is sent (with such details as the Registrar requests, including preferred times and classrooms) to the Provost's Office for approval and then forwarded to the Registrar, who assigns classrooms and arranges for the printing of the "Announcement of Courses."

After the courses have been approved by the Provost, the coordinators of the Certificate Programs and Interdisciplinary Concentrations request course descriptions for those courses chosen for listing in the "Announcement of Courses." The Mina Rees Library sends requests for reserve reading list materials several months before classes begin and asks that lists be submitted in a timely fashion so that librarians can arrange to place all reading materials on reserve. (Faculty may also send their own copies of books and photocopies of articles for placing on closed reserve; see the librarians for further information.)

The Executive Officer must arrange for the participation of doctoral faculty whose appointments are not at The Graduate Center by sending a letter each semester to the academic dean and department chair of the appropriate CUNY campus. See Campus-Based Faculty for details.