Executive Committee (Program)

The Executive Committee of each program is constituted as required by each program's governance after approval by the Graduate Council Committee on Structure and by Graduate Council as follows.  Each program establishes an Executive Committee composed of at least five members.  The initial structure and membership of each Executive Committee is determined by the program's faculty subject to approval by the President.  It includes at least one faculty member from each senior college substantially participating in the program ("substantially participating" is defined as having six members on the faculty of the program; Section 9.4, CUNY Board of Trustees Bylaws).  In programs in which the doctoral faculty includes two or more faculty members (other than the Executive Officer) who hold Graduate Center appointments, at least one member of the Executive Committee must be elected from this category.  Members are elected for a term not to exceed three years; they may be reelected.

The Executive Committee has the authority for the operation of the program between the stated meetings of the program's faculty subject to the policies established by the faculty.  It serves as a Committee on Committees to prepare slates of nominees for the program's representatives to Graduate Council.  It meets at least once a semester with the students matriculated in the program. The Executive Officer serves as Chair of the Executive Committee (Section 9.4, CUNY Board of Trustees Bylaws).

The Executive Committee may make recommendations to the appropriate committees of Graduate Council and to the Graduate Center administration.  The Executive Committee in coordination with the Faculty Membership Committee con-ducts a continuing review of the faculty resources of the University.  The Executive Committee works with the Execu-tive Officers to forward the policy in Section 3.4E of the Graduate Center Governance document concerning employ-ment of CUNY doctoral students in part-time positions in CUNY colleges.  The Executive Committee recommends policies and procedures on dissertations.