Minisymposium on Computational Methods for 3-Dimensional Microscopy Reconstruction

AUG 02, 2013



Columbia University Medical Center
Russ Berrie Medical Science Pavillion – Room 1, First floor
1150 St. Nicholas Ave at 168th Street (across from the hospital)


August 02, 2013




Program Chairs: Gabor Herman (CUNY Graduate Center) and Joachim Frank (Columbia University)

  • Peter Doerschuk (Cornell) Reconstructing heterogeneous particles by estimating the statistics of Fourier series coefficients
  • Yaser Hashem (Columbia) Challenge posed by heterogeneity in cryo-EM of macromolecules, as exemplified with the eukaryotic pre-initiation complex
  • Amit Singer (Princeton) Covariance matrix estimation of heterogeneous 3D volumes from their 2D projections
  • Yoel Shkolnisky (Tel Aviv University) Robust angular reconstitution in the presence cyclic symmetry
  • Hemant D. Tagare (Yale) Local resolution, image models, and hypothesis testing
  • Jose-Maria Carazo (CNB, Madrid) The use of spiral phase transform in 3DEM
  • Joaquin Oton (CNB, Madrid) Focal series in soft X-rays tomography
  • Joanna Klukowska (CUNY) Iterative data refinement for soft x-ray microscopy

This meeting is open to all and there is no registration fee. If you intend to attend, then we request (but do not insist) that you send your name, affiliation and e-mail address to Masgan Saidi (