Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety

MAR 24, 2014 | 12:00 PM TO 1:30 PM



The Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue




March 24, 2014: 12:00 PM-1:30 PM





Wellness Center


Are you feeling stressed?  Overwhelmed?  Does it feel like you’re always somewhere else, ruminating about the past or worrying about the future?  

Mindfulness refers to a set of mental skills that we all possess; it involves our ability to concentrate on one thing for a sustained period of time, as well as our ability to take a non-evaluative and non-judgmental approach to our own thoughts.  These skills can be further developed through various exercises, including mindfulness meditation. Learning to take a more mindful approach has been demonstrated to be helpful in managing stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and some emotional difficulties.  

Join us for a workshop to learn the basic principles of mindfulness and the techniques of mindfulness meditation.  All are welcome.

Dr. Paul Greene is a clinical psychologist in and the director of the Manhattan Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.  In addition to clinical work, Dr. Greene is a professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, has done extensive research on stress and health, coping with anxiety and cancer, and brain activity during meditation.

Aleksandra Rayska is a Predoctoral Clinical Fellow at Student Counseling Services at the Wellness Center Student Counseling Services.

To register for this workshop stop by the Wellness Center Student Counseling Services in Room 6422 to fill out an application. For more information, please call (212) 817-8731. For a calendar of all upcoming workshops, please visit our web page at http://cuny.is/wellnesscenter.