Charting New Historical Trajectories

MAR 28, 2014 | 9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM



The Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue


5114: History Student Lounge


March 28, 2014: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM




Ph.D. Program in History


8:00-9:00 – Sign-in, light refreshments, Room 5/114

9:00-10:40 – Fighting for Consensus: The Complicated Legacies of Empire, Room 5/307

Commentator: Dr. Katherine Pence   Chair: Lauren Saxton

Lucy Breidenthal, “Romani Activism in Postwar Paris: Integration,” the Graduate Center, CUNY
Sandong Tak, “The Nonprofit Sector in Korea: Its Geo-political location and the National Security Law”, the Graduate Center, CUNY

10:50-12:30 – Restricted Rights, Circumscribed Choices: Women in Europe, Room 5/114

Commentator: Dr. Mary Gibson    Chair: Kat Mahaney

Diana Moore, “Transnational Women, Charity, and Italian State Building, 1850-1890”, the Graduate Center, CUNY
Michelle Smith, “Rethinking Cumann na mBan: Reorganization at home and abroad during the Irish Civil War”, New York University
Allyson Gonzalez, “Maxa Nordau: Painting the Gendered Politics of the Hispano-Orient”, Brandeis University

10:50-12:30 – United Confrontations: Twentieth Century Challenges to the US Federal System, Room 5/307

Commentator: Dr. Josh Freeman         Chair: Nora Slonimsky

Micki Kaufman, “'Quantifying Kissinger: Using Text Analysis for Historical Research'”, the Graduate Center, CUNY
Ben Hellwege, “The Federal Government Can and Should Provide Maximum Leadership”, the Graduate Center, CUNY
Cameron M. Weber, “Art Statism? Or, the Political Economy of New Deal Art”, The New School

12:30-1:30 – Lunch Break

1:30-3:10 - Rethinking Medicine and Disease in the Middle East, Room 5/307

Commentator: Dr. Lale Can Chair: Joe Murphy

Secil Yilmaz, “Franchised Science, Royalized Practice: The Imperial Bacteriology Institute in the Late Ottoman Empire”, the Graduate Center, CUNY
Anat Mooreville, “Trachoma and Visual Culture in Mandate Palestine”, University of California Los Angeles

1:30-3:10 – Urban Lessons: Histories of Marginalization in New York City, Room 5/114

Commentator: Dr. Gerald Markowitz            Chair: Faye Han

Sean Griffin, “‘Good Mortar and Better Men’: African American Freemasonry in New York”, the Graduate Center, CUNY
Sarah Litvin, “New York’s Jewish Blink the Progressive Era”, the Graduate Center, CUNY
Barry Goldberg, “‘That Jewish Crowd’: Prejudice and Protest at the City College of New York”, the Graduate Center, CUNY

3:20-5:00 – Conflicting Identities: Religious Fault Lines and State Interventions, Room 5/307

Commentator: Dr. Martin Burke        Chair: Roy Rogers

Ky Woltering, “Inadvertent Pluralism: Church and Politics at the West German Kirchentag”, the Graduate Center, CUNY
Glen Olson, “Dysfunctional Empire: The Utah War and Sectional Politics”, the Graduate Center, CUNY
Jeff Diamant, “Transnational Transformations in Islam among African-Americans: Wallace Mohammad and the move toward Sunnism”, the Graduate Center, CUNY

3:20-5:00 – Man’s Effects: Social Interventions in Natural Processes, Room 5/114

Commentator: Dr. Clifford Rosenberg    Chair: Jeff Culang

Erin Wuebker, “The Next Great Plague to Go: Scientific Progress, Modern Medicine, and the Cultural Meanings of Venereal Diseases”, the Graduate Center, CUNY
Emily Marlowe, “A Fast Ride into the Depths of the Earth: Integrating Natural and Technological Wonders at Carlsbad Caverns National Park”, Drew University
Daniel Kanhofer, “‘England has made canals, let canals make America’: Emulating Great Britain in the Atlantic Canal Era”, New York University

5:00 – Refreshments and Reception Room 5/114