Richard III, The King Under the Car Park

MAR 20, 2017 | 6:30 PM



The Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue


9100: Skylight Room


March 20, 2017: 6:30 PM




MA in Liberal Studies


Richard III, The King Under the Car Park:  the story of the search for the burial place of England’s last Plantagenet king

A lecture by Richard Buckley, co-Director of University of Leicester Archaeological Services

In August 1485 King Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth, and buried by the Grey Friars, a Franciscan Holy order, in their friary church. In August 2012, Leicester City Council, the University of Leicester, and the Richard III Society began a search underneath a car park in Leicester, to find King Richard III’s remains and the Grey Friars Church. This coincided with the 527th anniversary of the date King Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth. Five months after the dig began, the University of Leicester confirmed a skeleton unearthed by archaeologists was in fact Richard III.

This lecture is co-sponsored by the New York Society of the Archaeological Institute of America and the PhD Certificate Program in Medieval Studies.