Critical University Studies: A Roundtable

OCT 20, 2017 | 2:00 PM



The Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue


4406: English Student Lounge


October 20, 2017: 2:00 PM




Featuring Siraj Ahmed, Steve Brier, Kandice Chuh, Feisal Mohamed, Jessica Yood
This event will serve as a prequel to our prospective student session at 4 p.m.  Our incoming students have been given a copy of a recent critical study in the field to give the first-year cohort some common reading. This year that text is Christopher Newfield's The Great Mistake: How We Wrecked Public Universities and How We Can Fix Them (Newfield is our October 6 Friday Forum speaker). This roundtable will reflect on the political economy of higher education, the embattled state of the public university generally, the history of CUNY more specifically, issues arising from Newfield's book and visit as well as Stephen Brier and Michael Fabricant's 2016 volume Austerity Blues: Fighting for the Soul of Public Higher Education, and recent campus eruptions involving Title IX, free speech/hate speech, Nazi marches, campus cops, pepper spray, faculty firings and admissions revocations, and more.